My Own CanJam “Asparubarb” Round-up

May Can Jam canning ingredients were Asparagus or Rhubarb. I went with a Rhubarb Jam (with Blackberry Honey & Rosemary).  The Tigress posted her full Can Jam reports here and here and I spent a fun evening with a glass of wine enjoying everyone’s entries, drooling a bit and hoping it isn’t too late to stock up on some rhubarb!  I have some more canning to do!  Check it out- as usual, there is a lot of great preserving going on!


  • Food in Jars whipped up some gorgeous looking Orange-Rhubarb Butter.   I never would have thought about a rhubarb butter. But yum!  Plus, check out the beautiful flea-market-find jar she has. Jealous!
  • Robbing Peter makes an appearance again, this time with Reluctant Rhubarb Chutney.  First off, it just plain sounds good.  I really like chutneys though for some reason I only really use them in a salad dressing I make for a spinach salad (post coming on that soon. promise!) or on turkey burgers.  And, the post was funny.  She despises asparagus is nearly averse to trying rhubarb.  I love the honesty!
  • Toronto Tasting Notes (incidentally May’s ingredient chooser) went with a Rhubarb Apricot Conserve (with Candied Ginger). I love ginger!  Really, really love ginger.  Even the Babylady loves ginger.  Seriously, the toddler eats straight up candied ginger chunks. Or ginger altoids.  “I want more ginger-spicy please mimi.”  Anyhow, the combo with the dried apricots just sounds delicious and the final product recommended on roast pork.  Make it up now and put it on a grilled pork tenderloin for summertime impressing? Yes, I think so!
  • Married with Dinner has just rocked my drink world with a Rhubarb-Ginger Syrup, ideally used to make a tequila drink “La Paloma Rosada” (recipe included).  Seriously fantastic sounding and I think I’m mixing this up just so the Ladyfriend and I can enjoy this with our buddies Ohbriggsy & Double S on the summer deck.
  • Family & Food just plain went above and beyond!  I’m trying not to feel too inadequate… but she made: Rhubarb-Lime Jam (what an interesting combo!), Rhubarb Cordial (in gorgeous jars!), Rhubarb BBQ Sauce (looks a bit like a chutney, but sounds great!), Pickled Asparagus (and an idea for making a plate of it with hardboiled eggs….which sounds super yummy to me. Can’t wait for the chickens to start laying. I love eggs!).  Bonus- she used white asparagus!
  • Mock, Paper, Scissors is hitting up a different cordial version with Rhubarb-Lavender Cordial.  First off, there is lavender syrup. I have hoards of lavender so any ideas of what to do with it all other than sniff it and watch the bees are welcome. Second, crazy pretty color to the rhubarb-lavender cordial!  Third, a tasty sounding recipe that is essentially gin and tonic PLUS the cordial and a splash of orange bitters.
  • Laundry Etc. keeps coming up with great recipes, this time for Cavalier Ginger & Rhubarb Ketchup.  I love the title (read her post to find out the back story). Bonus- she is English and I love her writing  & words AND I just realized she had a cookbook. Sweet!
  • Wine Book Girl did it!  She Pickled Rhubarb… which is what I really wanted to make but couldn’t figure out how to hot water bath can it!  Rock on!
  • Knit & Nosh did a Rhubarb BBQ Sauce (with jalapeños) that sounds right up my alley. I like it spicy and have a plethora of peppers planted in the garden.


  • Well Preserved did Pickled Asparagus Bits… which I hadn’t seen done but had crossed my mind. Really,  I think it is quite brilliant.  I didn’t want to go buy the taller, skinnier canning jars so thought “Hmm, maybe I’ll just chop them up. Bite size pieces would be nice!”  But alas, I went for rhubarb.  Joel also has some very useful tidbits on dealing with ‘floaters’ in canning and shares a secret with us all.

Can’t wait to find out June’s star ingredient!    Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to My Own CanJam “Asparubarb” Round-up

  1. ap269 says:

    Thanks for mentioning my post here *blush*!

  2. Catalina says:

    Thanks for the mini round up – it takes me weeks to make it through the big round up! I had a lot of fun with this can jam even though I *thought* I hated rhubarb. It was fun to discover the savory side of rhubarb and I ended up making 2 recipes and a craft with the rhubarb leaves.

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