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Positive Power: Kicking and Dreaming

My sweet Ladyfriend always says I am the most powerful person she knows.  In some ways I do believe her, yet lately it feels incredibly abstract. Like I am a person that has been powerful in the past but not … Continue reading

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Physial Therapy Wars: Sexism at the PT clinic

Dear Physical Therapy Boy, Yep, I’m seeing you for my herniated disc at the request of my MD.  What I’d like you to know is that I can see your judgment a mile away.   You are all of 30 and … Continue reading

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The Lapsed Triathlete is Getting Ready to Move It

From time to time I write about exercise, training and the Ironman.  Despite my desires, I am currently a lapsed athlete. However… there is a light at the end of that tunnel. (The light at the end of the tunnel … Continue reading

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Pssst…hey you! InnerBadAss. You still in there? Why, come on out!

Last night I was reading over a few posts from my Ironman days (aka my gladiating days) and having a good laugh.  A bittersweet laugh.  It is funny to me how sure of myself cocky I am when I am … Continue reading

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Meg & Jen’s Race Plan- Ironman Wisconsin ’08

We are nearly there. We have shipped our bikes and we can’t remember what day it is and we are counting down the workouts. Saturday, August 30: Run 10 miles. Sunday, August 31: Double spin class. Pack for Madison. Monday, … Continue reading

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