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Charcutepalooza: Dropout

A bit like a Beauty School Drop Out but far less demeaning. Seriously? That clip is harsh!  Poor Frenchy. Charcutepalooza is a year-long meat curing adventure involving a new meat challenge monthly.   I did January-(Duck Prosciutto) , February-Salt Curing (Bacon) … Continue reading

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Charcutepalooza: Brining and Corned Beef

This month the name of the game for Charcutepalooza is brining. I wanted to make pastrami because I love a good reuben. Sans the sauce. Because that thousand island-ish sauce is nasty.  I wanted to make homemade rye crackers & … Continue reading

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Charcuterie: (Salt Curing, the Apprentice Challenge) Bacon

Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. BACON! = Tasty Salty Pig Parts (as my friend Chuck’s t-shirt exclaimed.) I really, really love bacon. But then, there is nothing new or exciting about that. I’d venture to guess many of the Charcutepaloozers joined the … Continue reading

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Charcuterie- Duck Prosciutto and Other Duck Love

  So, Cathy at Mrs.Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen and Kim at The Yummy Mummy have kicked off a Charcutepalooza- A Year of Charcuterie.   The thing has really gotten wild with an expanding list of participating bloggers and ongoing twitter conversations (#charcutepalooza.)  We … Continue reading

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Duck Prosciutto, Astronauts and Grief

So, my Charcutepalooza duck prosciutto is seemingly not done. I checked in with the twittering meat-curing folks and based on their advice I think I’ll check it tomorrow. In other news, I have come to the realization that, not only … Continue reading

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