Esmeralda the Hen or Esmeralda the Rooster?

I can not deny that our 2 White Crested Black Polish “hens” are developing  differently. I have googled pics of both roosters and hens and I think they might both have the wattles, but am not sure!

Take a look for yourself.

Exhibit A (“Calypso”):

white crested polish hen 6 weeks old


white crested polish hen 6 weeks old


Exhibit B (“Esmerelda”):

white crested polish hen 6 weeks old

Esmeralda~ check out those red wattles!

white crested polish hen 6 weeks old


So, what do you think?  Any thoughts?   Taking bets!

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18 Responses to Esmeralda the Hen or Esmeralda the Rooster?

  1. Catalina says:

    Are they the same age? I hate to say it, but I think Esmeralda is a girl. I had 4 silkies that were hard to sex, but at 10 weeks 3 of them started to crow!
    Of course, I just found out, after 3 months, that my ‘girl’ rabbit is a boy! So you might not want to listen to me LOL!

  2. I hope she is a girl…the wattles have me suspect though since they are so different from Calypso’s!
    We’ll see!

  3. Beth says:

    Do you have a boy name picked out? Hee! That’s a dude. Esmeraldo? Aldo? Or how about Sue?

  4. Jennie says:

    I think Esmeralda is a boy, but I don’t own chickens, so take it with a grain of salt.

  5. taylorgirl6 says:

    Esme certainly doesn’t stack up to “Milla,” who is now renamed Rusty (because his crowing sounds like a rusty gate). Honestly, it’s way too early to tell. Those wattles are not different enough to start counting your chicks before they roo. Wait for the borkle sounds coming from the brooder box… You may also notice a huge difference in body weight. Plop em on a kitchen scale and keep track. Boys grow quick. Also, start thinking about seasonings…

  6. If Esmerelda is a he….then yep, bring out the seasonings.
    Though, the thought of a teenage-boy-like-borkle sounds hysterical! =)

  7. Meemaw says:

    I think Esmeralda is a rooster but taylorgirl6 sounds like she has more experience than I do. I’ll listen for the sounds too when we get there.

  8. Lauren says:

    I think Esmeralda is a rooster. Her/his crest appears to be a different shape than Calypso’s. Polish hens have more of a puff on top of the head and roos have a longer, swept back looking crest.

  9. It seems the all my responders on backyardchickens are thinking rooster as well.

  10. Kathy M says:

    Hmmm, Esmeralda does look a bit roosterish to me. I see new chicks in your future.

  11. Travel Mommy says:

    I vote that Esmeralda is a rooster! This is a problem……..what are you going to do?

  12. Travel Mommy says:

    I like the new look of your blog! Are the chicks outside now full time?

  13. Catalin says:

    I’m a newby chook-tender and I just had a similar question about Blanche, my only leghorn. I decided to just wait and see if she grows or lays an egg. There’ll be more to eat by then if she turns out to be a boy and if not–then all’s well!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I do not have chickens. I have not ever had (my own) chickens. I know nothing about chickens, roosters, or even crows for that matter. I do however know a thing or two about fabulous hair-dos and my-oh-my….boy or girl, rooster or hen, I want hair that looks like Calypso’s ‘do!!!!

  15. Too funny Jennifer! Calypso does have some very fancy hair!

    Alas, Esmeralda is appearing more rooster-like by the day. =(

  16. Laurie Arias says:

    Did your chickens turn out to be hens or roosters? I am in the same predicament. I only have one Polish so I can’t compare one’s developement to the other. It’s developing a nice full crest but I’m concerned about the red wattles that are starting to grow. Mine’s crest looks similar to Calypso’s but the wattles look more like Esmerelda’s. I have been looking at pictures of White Crested black Polish and it looks like the hens do have small red wattles so I have hope.

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