I’m a quirky queer gal living in Seattle with my kick ass partner (aka ‘the Ladyfriend‘) and our awesome kiddo (‘the Babylady’).  At nearly 6 years-old, she is hardly a baby, but the name stuck.   I like to cook, garden, create, learn, read and laugh. We also have 9 (edit: we are now down to 3) chickens that I am kinda nuts about.  This Ironmama also digs triathlon & training.

Oh, and I get obsessed with personality/temperament tests. I’m an INFJ. I somehow alternate between a 6 & a 2 on the enneagram (used to be strong 6, but now am solidly a 2). I’m an order muppet  with a chaos streak. Or, an order muppet that married a chaos muppet and was also dumped into a chaos spiral since 2008.
This blog is about infusing the everyday stuff with social justice & resistance.

Questions?  contact me at growandresist@gmail.com

Want to know more?

How about a long list of Grow & Resist randomness?

1) I wish I could be a vegetarian for sustainability reasons. However, I love me some pig product too much. Bacon, loins, chops, roasts…. And beef. A life without burgers or steak? Sad, just plain sad. I don’t eat either much, but don’t think I could give it up entirely.

2) I bring flowers car camping. This is only excessive until you realize that the boys I have camped with bring cake tiers for the homemade coconut cream pie, along with Indian food for dinner. I am a firm believer in extravagant car camping. Pillows. Comforters. The Works.

3) I make up words (or forms of actual words) and use them regardless of the fact that they aren’t “real.” One such example off the top of my head would be “registrate.” Another would be all the variations of “angst.” Such as angsting, angsty, angstification, and angsted. Don’t question it.

4) I like the idea of cats. Though I really don’t like them at all. I find them very boring and asthma inducing. And they are scary. And if I am being totally honest, most of them are not very cute.

5) My hips are weirdly flexible for a person who refuses to stretch.

6) I wish I had seen John Denver in concert. He is the one famous person I would have loved to meet. I am actually very sad at times that I didn’t.

7) I wish I spoke German.

8). I have taken mushrooms twice and while on them had enough clarity to make some very important decisions. 1). that we could have a baby and it wouldn’t ruin my life, 2). made a plan and timeline to make said baby happen, and 3). chose our (anonymous) sperm donor (this did later change however.)

9) I had a breast reduction and yet was able to fully breastfeed the Babylady for the 1st 6-months and then continued with some supplementation for a total of a year. This is really nothing short of a miracle. No this does not make me believe in a god. It makes me believe in the power of a great surgeon. If I ever am financially solvent again, I will have another reduction. I want a small B cup. No bigger. It is excessive and unnecessary.

10) I rowed in college. It was intense. It was hard. It was painful. It was AWESOME. It was the first time I consciously pushed myself and my limits and had to work hard at something. I still am sad that my last regatta got snowed out.

11) After high school, I wanted to take a year off school and take NOLS and Outward Bound classes and become an instructor. What I did instead was screw around at junior college changing majors for 4 years (full-time) while assisting teaching preschool and then pick nursing by default.

12) I once won 1st prize in a two-step contest. This is weird because I am not really very good at all. He was a great lead and I was just drunk enough to let him.

13) I often think that people don’t really see me or ‘get’ me. The real me. The part of me that has done therapy would say it is because I don’t ‘show up’ a lot. Yet I have an insatiable need to be understood.

14) The best jobs I ever had were while I was in high school and college. I was a lifeguard/swim instructor for 10 years at an awesome program. And I was a Ropes Course Counselor at a rich kids summer camp (Tripp Lake Camp) in Maine where I got to hang out high up in the trees and take kids on zip lines and through high & low ropes courses. The days I didn’t do that I got to take groups of kids backpacking and on long canoe trips. Totally fun.

15) I have spit on someone I didn’t know because I was angry at him. I am not proud of this. Actually it horrifies me. But it happened. The Ladyfriend is still traumatized from being a witness to this behavior.  In my defense, he was trying to scare me by swerving at me in his truck while I was cycling.

16) I have word finding problems. I don’t know when it started, all I know is that when I was pregnant all hell broke loose and it got bad. Not only will do I pick incorrect words…but I will repeat them over and over again.  Even once the correct word pops in my head. When I was pregnant I went through a period where everything was a bagel. Waffles. Dog food. Books. All bagels.

17) I once played in a handbell choir. At church. Truly.

18) I am shy. No really. Total introvert.

19) I think being a bit curvy is sexy. Six pack abs are almost offensive. Certainly unnatural. And, quite frankly, unnecessary and disturbing.

20) I have lived in (in order): Alaska, Iowa, the Azores, New Hampshire, Texas, England, California, Iowa (again!) and Seattle.  And, I’m looking to move again.

21) I knew I loved the Ladyfriend the minute I saw her profile. Yeah, yeah, yeah…cheesy but true. And, yes, online dating success story.

22) I used to make bologna & velveeta cheese omelets for my parents for breakfast…I was 7 or 8. But, embarrassingly, I would probably still like it now if one showed up in front of me.

23) When I have had too much to drink, I make stuff up. Like total lies. Things I don’t think to begin with. I am aware of it in the time and for some reason it only makes me laugh.

24) I think that the devil exists. And it is mustard.

25) When I played rugby, to compensate for the fact that I was incredibly outweighed I often resorted to pinching & and pulling fingers back.  Wrong. Just plain wrong.

26) I have special powers. You don’t want to know. It is scary.

27) I make “ice cream surprises.” Basically, I toss a bunch of things in vanilla ice cream and call it “____,___,___ice cream surprise”. My favorite: Coconut, Ginger Cookie, Caramel Ice Cream Surprise. But the name always is surprise.

28) One of my dream jobs has been starting up a Community House. It would seem like a community coffee place but would be SO much more. It would be a cozy,comfy, come-as-you-are space that served as a nonprofit coffeehouse/bookstore/crafting space. There would be a community bookstore/library-ish part. We would pro-breastfeeding, pro-queer, community idea-sharing place. With a well-lit kids play area with nice toys. Large community food gardens all over the property with a place for preserving food, canning, wine/beer making., etc. Big crafting tables & sewing machines. Cozy chairs for reading & knitting. A giant front porch for rally speeches or general pontificating. Community run classes on whatever people wanted. Inspiring excellence, radical thought, & resistance in both adults and children. A space for community organizing and coming together. The place where a revolution is the goal & people are the way.  I still totally dig this idea and wish it existed.

29) I can’t catch or throw a ball. Nor do I care.  Thank goodness the Ladyfriend is an all-around bad ass ball player, so she can teach the Babylady.

30) I have the worst singing voice. Ever.

31) I love to people watch. I wish I was invisible for this reason (and so many more).

32) I recently found out that I really like pistachios. A lot. Generally, I detest nuts. Walnuts, cashews, and pecans are the worst. The smell of them makes me gag. I don’t mind some toasted hazelnuts in a salad. Almond flavoring is ok. Macadamia nuts are pointless. I do however, LOVE peanuts, specifically peanut butter. But it is NOT a nut, but a legume.

33) I felt totally connected to myself and aligned with my soul for the first conscious time while cycling. Since that time I love being on my bike. I can honestly say that I love my bike. More than many people actually.

34) My bike is a Rodriguez touring bike from R&E Cycle in Seattle. It fits me perfectly. It is kind of heavy. It is sturdy. It is a workhorse. I have ridden it from Montreal to Portland, Maine (Canada AIDS Vaccine Ride). From Maine to South Carolina.   From Grant’s Pass, OR to San Francisco.   From Astoria, OR to Crescent City, CA.   Around Colorado twice (Ride the Rockies). Across Iowa once (RAGBRAI). Two Seattle to Portland 1-day rides (STP)~ 200 miles.  Two 1-day rides around Mt. Rainier ( RAMROD)~ 155 miles. Two Ironman races (Wisconsin and Coeur d’Alene).     PLUS, the gazillion miles in training to do all that–and no mechanical problems. Ever. I am sure it is it’s time. But seriously, that is a ton of mileage to have no problems.

35) I passed men on fancy bikes with fancy disc wheels and such during my Ironman on my heavy bad-ass bike. Actually, on both Ironman I passed them. Proof that training and grit trumps equipment. Ooh, I so love that.

36) I can return anything anywhere. This is my job in my relationship as my Ladyfriend won’t return anything anywhere.

37) I like to knit. But apparently don’t actually like to finish things I start.

39) I love the color orange.

40) Dark side Meg is judgmental, pissy, sassy & bitchy.

41) I have a hard time doing nothing. I have an even harder time taking time for myself. This has oddly actually gotten better since the Babylady was born.

42) I love pink grapefruit & peeling them is a personal labor of love.

43) I am hungry now. But not for grapefruit. I want ice cream, peanut butter & bananas. And chocolate. Together.

44) I have a weird body. I have thin arms and thin legs. And a big belly and boobs. I look a lot like Grover without the blue fur and slightly more hair on my head. I have always been this way.

45) I am told my legs are great. I think they are a bit too thin and if I had my way I would put some of the excess mentioned in #16 to my calves. They are, however, long, strong & muscular and have a vice-like grip. We used to play a game where I would wrap my legs around the Ladyfriend to see if she could escape. She could not.

46) I genuinely love and enjoy my family. And my partner’s family. I am crazy lucky this way.

47) I often want to start a rule of “FilterfreeFriday” in which I get to say whatever is in my internal dialog all day. However, I am certain I would get fired if I did. Maybe a “SayShitSunday” would be a better option.

48) I love to exercise. Really. A lot. I would work out all day if I could. It is fun. I loved it in college when we had 2-a-days. I hate when exercising in short, rigid time slots.

49) I like to run hills and stairs. However, I don’t like it when hills are just part of my run. But just running up and down a hill repeatedly is great. Similarly, I hate walking up stairs as part of something or to get somewhere. But love running up and down them in a stadium or a long flight of them for exercise.

50) I am a recent Diva Cup convert. Get one people. They rock. They are good for the environment, better for your body and far more convenient.

51) I wish I would have been on swim team so I was better at all the strokes. I taught swim lessons for 10 years. Yet, my backstroke is horrible, I can’t do flip turns, breaststroke hurts my knees & I can’t do butterfly to save my life. So, as much as I would love to do masters swim, I really can’t. I do however, have a great freestyle. It is efficient and long. I can easily, and nearly effortlessly, swim 2.5 miles. I get a petty kind of happiness to see that I am the best swimmer in the pool. Not conceited, just true. To be fair–this is a gym pool and the swimmers are usually terrible, so it isn’t really a fair comparison. Still, I smile and silently judge every time. Does that make me bad?

52) I think the gendering of babies and children’s clothing is completely messed up. The bows, the monster trucks, the camouflage, the “princess” crap, war imagery, over-the-top sports, etc. It is disturbing. This idea of “boy stuff” and “girl stuff” is ridiculous and made up. All the stuff that screams “I am a boy” and “I am a girl”. Gross. And the sexualization of the babies? The stupid, presumptive talk of “future boyfriends/girlfriends” and “ladies man” etc. Messed up people, just plain messed up.

That’s all!

38 Responses to About

  1. Jennifer Jabson says:

    YOU ROCK! YOU DID IT! I am so happy for you and proud to see the product of much labor and love. GO IRONMAMA!

  2. sarahlee says:

    amazing, especially #28…

  3. Sharon Walsh says:

    I agree with sarahlee. It’s all amazing, but number 28 just feels like home.

  4. Donnessa says:

    I don’t think anyone could have done a better job describing you – the REAL you. Awesomeness…

  5. Judith says:

    I’m 63 and live in the Southeast, just found your blog from TBUH and looked at it with idle curiosity. Wow! You blew me away. I absolutely love #28 and all of your “about.” So honest, so funny. One suggestion: sometimes being hypothyroid happens during pregnancy and it can persist, and being hypo can make it hard to find words. Been there, done that. If you want to check it out, get a full thyroid panel,not the stingy little one or two parameters that most docs insist on. They are ignorant. You need a full panel including the two autoantibodies that can show if you have autoimmune thyroid conditions.

    A good site: stopthethyroidmadness.com. Tons of info. You can get the test done yourself pretty cheaply if you get the blood draw at a clinic.

    Also, some of us, me included, have a metabolism that needs meat. I was a vegetarian for 7 years, quite strict, and was always overweight and tired. I started eating meat when I was pregnant and could not resist the turkey cravings. Best health I’ve had was when I ate a ton of meat and low glycemic veggies, and not much else. Very low carb. Dropped 20 pounds of fat while I took in loads of calories, and had more energy and strength (though energy and strength don’t seem to be your problem!). You might look at http://www.mercola.com for his metabolic type diet information. Some of us do not do well on a high-carb, low meat diet even if it’s high quality food. Grains and other carbs mess me up. Trust your body; she will tell you what gives you more energy and what makes you more tired.

    I hope you do make #28 happen. I am sure you can. Sounds wonderful! A combination of so many great things.

  6. Judith says:

    Re #52–absolutely! Right on!

  7. Tamara Adams says:

    Hey just found your blog – love it!
    …as to #28, i live in Melbourne, Australia, and we have ‘community houses’ dotted about the suburbs here. They do vary a LOT in terms of what vibe they have and what they offer, but the one closest to me is *almost* exactly like what you’ve described! SO GOOD! THey also run an alternative bartering economy thingy that puts you in touch with others offering services if you are looking to barter things. Go! do it! Great stuff.

  8. My Sister, The Tenured Radical, suggested I reach out to you. We have almost a acre and a house we bought in North Carolina 5 months ago and we have been working the garden like crazy since we moved in. First vegetable garden is already producing good roots and greens in winter; the forest was cleaned of vines (never ending task); brambled cleaned away for a small orchard (planted a month ago); MORE space cleared for a more ambitious veg garden in the spring. Now I have a chicken jones.

    TR says, you’d better talk to Grow & Resist because I think what I learned from her about chickens is that you had better be pretty comfortable with death if you’re going to do chickens. True? Am I? Not sure. The idea was, of course, eggs and poop that can be immediately tossed onto the garden. Oh and bug eating function is also attractive. Furthermore, we went to the NC State Fair this fall and some of those chickens were just frankly BEAUTIFUL.

    Any warnings, ideas or words of wisdom about starting a chicken coop?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Wow! First of all, thanks for coming over…and thanks to your sister, who I think is brilliant! =)
      Hmm, death. Well, yes. They don’t generally live long lives and so many folks keeping chickens in the city will tend to keep them for their most productive years as they are limited in numbers they can have. Some people keep them as pets for as long as they live. Some will take their chickens to a vet, others won’t/don’t. It really comes down to what your mindset is on it.

      We had a total of 16 chickens. 3 ended up being roosters and were rehomed. 1 was beating up some new ones and got rehomed. And we have had 2 die and one get severely injured (by the mean chicken we rehomed). 1 died at 2 days. I am of the mindset that they are here to produce eggs, so for most of them I’ll give them to someone else to process/eat when the time comes. I am not interested in doing so myself, but it was a point of consideration for us. We are lucky to live somewhere that there are many people happy to take an organic hen for eating. There are a few I am more attached to so will probably keep them around for the entertainment of them.

      A great place to start is http://www.backyardchickens.com They have online forums and people are incredibly knowledgeable and you’ll likely find a lot of resources in your area as well!

      I hope that helps!

  9. Curtis Stokes says:

    This is Great!

  10. Talk about on hell of an About Page Meg!

    12) I once won 1st prize in a two-step contest. This is weird because I am not really very good at all. He was a great lead and I was just drunk enough to let him.

    19) I think being a bit curvy is sexy. Six pack abs are almost offensive. Certainly unnatural. And, quite frankly, unnecessary and disturbing.
    I totally agree. Difference is a good thing 😉

    26) I have special powers. You don’t want to know. It is scary.
    Will we be seeing you in a movie sometime?

    48) I love to exercise. Really. A lot. I would work out all day if I could. It is fun. I loved it in college when we had 2-a-days. I hate when exercising in short, rigid time slots.
    Good for you hun. Exercise is obviously a good thing but the buzz I get out of it is the feeling it gives to yourself. Even if you do eat something naughty the same evening lol.

    The Best About Page I have seen 🙂

    Holly X

  11. twintoefarm says:

    I love it. You are funny, I really enjoyed your “About Me”. #12 is my fave.

  12. Urban Exile says:

    Just to let you know, I am still interested in chickens but right now have my hands full with our new orchard and the battle against deer. Turns out the they really are shy of any obstacles, so my flimsy plastic barrier worked…That and the lumps of human hair (not all mine from tearing out) in (other people’s) old nylon stockings hanging like hirsute christmas balls from their chewed on branches. In short, I’ll think about chickens next year.

  13. Soul Painting says:

    @7: Why German?! asks the AustrianLady

  14. brooklynmake says:

    this was super fun to read. my favorite part is the game you play where you wrap your legs around ladyfriend to see if she can excape. she cannot. bah-hahahahahah!

  15. Urban Exile says:

    Methinks that BabyLady will be evergreen. And why not? An update: After a year and a half in NC, I am turning into a more practical gardener. Grew lettuce this winter (uncovered, did fine), purple kale, collars, parsley and dill. Planted lots of BUSHES, to avoid doing an annual work that is not edible, favoring native and hardy varieties. This year we are plowing under the small field (around the new fruit trees) since we’ve managed to remove most of the invasive vines, and we’re covering that sucker up with black plastic to solarize whatever is left in the ground. In a year, I plan a big lavender border to keep the deer out. Gardening is slow work when a piece of land has been so neglected! Also, I am pondering how to organize a neighborhood composting plan, voluntary but moving towards the ethic of everybody composting like they do in San Francisco where’s its obligatory. I think my new career is going to be like a Chinese night soil laborer, but instead of poops, I’ll collect kitchen organics and use them to make good soil. What do you think?

    • Glad it is going so well! Where in NC? I know it is not Outer Banks, but you are coastal aren’t you? Congrats on figuring out ways to grow food, manage deer, compost, and keep down the work!

      • Urban Exile says:

        We’re in the Piedmont (Durham) and have a place (new, just the last few months)3 hours away on the Inner Banks. What I find is that the process is slow…My learning curve, energy curve, patience curve and the persistent pace of the seasonal rotation have to all work together harmoniously to make progress. Wish I could take a couple of years off just to be a farmer full-time! Best wishes to you.

      • The process is slow, but you are right- the curves and seasonal rotation seem to work together to make it flow. We go to NC every other year or so (Raleigh, Angier, then to Ocean Isle Beach). Have fun!

  16. Urban Exile says:

    Don’t hesitate to come on by! We are so close to Raleigh. And the guest room at The Seven Oaks (our house) was well reviewed by Tenured Radical.

  17. Um. #50 is everything that I have ever thought about gendered clothing and expectations for young tot’s summed up in a perfect little package of a paragraph. You officially kick ass.

    And by the by – #28 NEEDS TO HAPPEN. How ridiculously awesome would that be. You can do that here. If you build it, they will come. I mean, you may be broke while doing it, but DAMN, what a cool thing.

    • Thanks! I appreciate it! The gender stuff is intense…and is only getting worse as she gets older. Agh. And, yes, #28 would be awesome…sigh. Any spare piles of cash just laying about? =)

  18. Yeah. I meant #52. Not #50. Although the Diva Cup is pretty top notch.

  19. Debra says:

    Meg, I miss you. Wow. Reading this makes me want to kidnap you for a day and then eat great food and drink great wine and laugh our heads off.

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