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To Bathe a Chicken

Yesterday I gave my chicken a bath. At the end of the post from yesterday I shared a picture of my feathered friend, Calypso.  Calypso was a hot mess.  She is a White Crested Black Polish hen and that big … Continue reading

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The Chickens are Molting! The Chickens are Molting!

Molt  verb  \ˈmōlt\  : to shed hair, feathers, shell, horns, or an outer layer periodically Chickens molt yearly, usually starting in very late summer or early fall.  I’ve read that it doesn’t happen to them until they are about 18 months … Continue reading

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Presenting the Girls, 2011

I gotta say, we’ve had a dramatic chicken year.  And no one really wants chicken drama. Not only is it a pain in the ass and not much fun, but it is more stressful than you might imagine given they … Continue reading

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The Fabulousness of Polish Hens. Introducing Lady Guitar, the Second.

I was going to write a longer post today. Instead I stopped by the Seattle Farm Co-op to get some goo to put on the pecked chick’s head that apparently “controls cannibalism” and other unsavory behaviors. Such as continue to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Chickens

Or, How I Tried to Kill My Hen and My Hens Pecked the Baby Chick Bald. Or, How Chickens are Tough and Mean and I’m the Crazy Chicken Lady. I don’t know what to call this post. It is chicken-wacky … Continue reading

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