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Finding My Place

If you follow on Facebook you might have caught word that I was in Oakland attending the Community Food Conference: Food Justice: Honoring Our Roots. Growing the Movement.  Around 1,000 people from almost every state and from 5 continents attended … Continue reading

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Community Food Conference: Day 2

Oakland is a hotbed of activity for food justice organizations. It is truly inspiring.  I am so glad that the Community Food Conference  is here and I took the opportunity to take a closer peek at a few of them. … Continue reading

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Community Food Conference: Day 1

Hi! I am in Oakland at the Community Food Conference presented by the Community Food Security Coalition.  I’m extremely excited to be attending and be in Oakland, where there is so much energy involved in social and food justice!  As well … Continue reading

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Eventfullness: Farms, Homophobia and Hope

It seems this week I’ve been an event-going-fool.  I considered blogging about the events- but I wasn’t sure what to say. They were all fantastic. All inspiring in different ways. But I’ll give you a few tidbits rather than the … Continue reading

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Social Justice Alert: RIP South Park Bridge

The bridge is up for the last time and, quite frankly, this sucks. The 79-year-old bridge is damaged beyond repair- a fact that has been known for almost a decade when it sustained further damage in the Nisqually earthquake (2001).  … Continue reading

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