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Getting Artsy with Kids and IKEA: A Compact Art Studio

I’ve mentioned before that our house is pretty small according today’s standards.  Spaces need to do double-duty.  For instance, we have a room that is about 8′ by 10′ and it serves as my office, the Ladyfriend’s closet, and the … Continue reading

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Re-use and Re-purpose in the Garden: Tutorial

I am a believer that edible garden can be interesting and beautiful. The goals should keep in mind all the basic principles of landscape design: unity, line, texture, form, color, transition, proportion, and balance. The concepts have different names depending … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen with Kids: A Play Kitchen You Won’t Hate

Before we had a child we swore up and down that our house wouldn’t become a giant toy depository. Piles of kid toys- especially in the form of single function plastic crap with missing pieces– give me the willies. The Family Purchasing Clause … Continue reading

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Easy Season Extension: PVC Hoop House

Do you practice season extension in your garden?   Extending the season is what it sounds like- extending your growing season longer into the fall/winter (or earlier in the spring). Some common methods are floating row cover, cold frames,  and … Continue reading

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Tater Tower Tutorial

update: crossposted at the Urban Farm Hub Check them out!  There are many ways to grow potatoes.  You can grow them in rows. Or mounds. Or in straw.  However, if you are short on space or wanting to garden fairly intensively … Continue reading

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