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Can Jam- December Edition: Dried Fruit (Figgy Lemon Chutney)

A year of canning has passed by in a blink. A flurry. A flash.  Pick your cliché, but my point is basically, how the hell is it December already?  How is this possible?  While we’re asking questions, I have a … Continue reading

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Can Jam- November Edition: Pomes (Apples, Pears and Quinces)

Can Jam time again and the Cosmic Cowgirl earned the honor of the pick for November.  Pomes. Which are apples, pears & quinces.   Just when I thought my apple days were over I’m back for more. I pondered pears. I … Continue reading

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Can Jam- October Edition: Chili Peppers!

It’s Can Jam time again!  Kaela at Local Kitchen revealed October’s key ingredient: chili peppers.  A winner!     As part of an eastern Washington produce bulk buy organized by Annette, I ordered 15 pounds of hot peppers. Yep, 15 … Continue reading

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My Own Can Jam Roundup: Stone Fruits

Truthfully… it is difficult to do anything with stone fruit other than eat it, dripping down your chin. But let’s say you want to keep some of that Flavor of Summer for later?  For a time when it has rained for 5 months … Continue reading

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Can Jam- September Edition: Stone Fruits (and bonus For the Love of Salads: Peach Arugula Salad!)

It’s Can Jam time!  We are on Month #9 Can Jam. Together we have canned  Citrus, Carrots, Alliums, Herbs, Rhubarb (or Asparagus),  Berries and Cucurbits and the (not)Tomatoes. Last month’s debacle of no tomatoes led to a sad, woeful, pity party of not-canning-tomatoes-post.  But this month … Continue reading

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