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  1. Hey there,
    Regarding your first egg, firstly congratulations, and now to teach them where to lay…
    Look for more eggs and put them in the place that you want them to lay the eggs, for example the nest box. If your ladies are friendly and like to be picked up, you can place each one of them, separately of course, in the box with the egg or two you’ve collected and let them take a look. I have in the past gotten my ladies to move to another box/place by moving the eggs around. It was especially tricky when one of them went broody in what had been the favorite nest box. They want to have a safe place, but as pullets, they don’t really know what to do. That may help, good luck.

  2. Deanna Erickson says:


  3. Chad says:

    Love your website! We live in WS too….did you have your soil tested for aresenic/lead that may have settled from the tacoma plume way back when? We are debating as to whether we should get our soil tested before planting directly in the ground. We have raised beds, but it would be nice to be able to plant some things direclty in the ground. Thanks!

  4. Jon says:

    It was good to meet you in photo class today. I’m definitely intrigued/impressed by your blog. It makes me want to cook something seasonal – and raise chickens. I also love that you make up words. One of my favorite made up words is “conversate.” I learned it from this awesome African American checker who used to work at the QFC on Rainier years ago. She always had AMAZING hairdos. I would often compliment her on them and we’d get to chatting. One day as I was leaving she said “great conversating with you!” I often find that gay men and black women are natural allies.

    So, are you planning on doing your “50 shots before midnight” homework? It sounded like a great idea/challenge, but…

    • Jon- You too! Conversate- that is an awesome word! I couldn’t check your blog out- the link didn’t work. Any how… I did ZERO pics before midnight. Maybe today…. Definitely tomorrow.

  5. Regina Black says:

    Hey Lady,

    I need some advice on pruning tomatoes. I think mine are putting too much energy.into the leaves. Grand Junction is an amazing area for growing goodies in the garden, so we are getting tomatoes, but I would like to optimize production. What do you think?


  6. Jane says:

    Hello! I luuuvvv your shrinky dinky plant markers. They are so awesome. I was wondering if the ink stayed after a length of time in your garden. I want to make some for perennials so they’d have to survive the winter. Thanks so much! j

    • Ah, thanks! They are actually still going strong. I only have them in a few places because the kiddo has taken them…somewhere unknown. Or I am no longer growing a certain variety that the label is for. But a few years later they look great– just dirtier =) I want to make some more– especially for my perennials and a re-make the vegetables with more generic “radish” and “broccoli” rather than variety type so I can move them around more!

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