Kombucha: Revisted!

I’ve left you in the dark.  A while ago…2 months actually… I started to make kombucha.  I told you all about it and I promised an update in a week.  Which I followed up with silence and nary a mention of kombucha.  So sorry.

You see- I don’t like failure, perceived or actual.  It is a big Capital-I-Issue that we really don’t need to go into.  It’s so… yawn… so boring & old.  Zzzzzz!

I thought I had kombucha failure.  Sad isn’t it?

Here’s what went down:

During the fermentation process I played around with the heat mat a bit and determined it was only warming the bottom of the jar and that the jars still felt cold to touch. It was still march and we keep our house pretty chilly.  So I used a space heater in the general area to warm that area.  It seemed to do the trick.

It only took 5 or 6 days until I decided it was done.   I was a bit nervous it was too vinegar-y but I bottled it up in glass jars, leaving 3/4″ headspace.

You are supposed to let them rest at room temperature for about 2 weeks so they get bubbly.

I tasted it after 2-ish weeks and was so bummed. I thought it tasted yucky.   I put a bottle in the fridge to cool.  Better, but not up to the standard I needed.  I didn’t want “just ok.”  I needed it to be great enough to get me to quit buying $3.50-$4 daily drinks.  I was unimpressed.

And irritated. So I just left them in the same bag in my entry way, shoved behind a door and forgot about it.  (It was harder to ignore disgusting presence of the SCOBY in the fridge.)

In a fit of cleaning the other day I decided to give it another taste… and it was GOOD!  Not just good.  It was AWESOME!

In the fridge baby!  Woot!

What happened? I have no idea.  But I am back on my kombucha bender!

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4 Responses to Kombucha: Revisted!

  1. innBrooklyn says:

    result! that is very exciting.
    i’ve just started making mead and am nervously expecting failure… if its not good the first taste though i will keep you in mind and try it after another while!

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