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Garden Hopscotch and Games

Like most 5-year-olds, our daughter (can I still call her the Babylady?) loves to move. Bounce. Run. Dance. Swim. Climb.  It doesn’t really seem to matter what she is doing, the girl basically loves to move and be active in … Continue reading

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Love and Hope in the Garden

Or, Buds, Blooms, and New Growth. Years ago I wrote a post titled “Hope is a Bulb.” I was feeling sad about the world. Sad about hatred and ignorance. Sad about violence. Helpless in the face of so much pain … Continue reading

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June Mid-Month Meanderings III

Sure, it is the 25th. Not exactly mid-month.  Not even close. Perhaps I had too many cocktails on my brain last week.  No worries. We can still squeeze a quick look at what is happening. I should tell you now … Continue reading

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Vertical Gardening with Concrete Wire Mesh

Do you have an item that you could not live without in your garden?  Most of us do.  The things I use the most include a hori-hori, my hand pruners, and concrete wire mesh. Concrete wire mesh, or remesh, or … Continue reading

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Radish + Peanut Butter= Sandwich Greatness

To commemorate college graduation, my brother and I spent the first part of the summer of 1995 on an epic month-long Eurail trip around Europe. Neither of us were strangers to European travel and we hit it hard and heavy.  To … Continue reading

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