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Cranberry Meyer Lemon Collins (and Dehydrated Meyer Lemons)

It is no secret I am jealous of climates conducive to growing citrus. I love citrus. I’ve talked about citrus. I’m even going to try my luck at growing citrus in Seattle. It can’t hurt to try, right? My parents grow … Continue reading

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All California is not the same: Oakland is not Roseville. But citrus & sun are everywhere.

It is 62 degrees. And blindingly sunny. In February. Mid-february no less. Clearly I am not in Seattle.  I’m in California. I came for shitty purposes (my dad had an initial consult for potential liver transplant,) but now I am … Continue reading

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For the Love of Salads: Grapefruit Avocado Spinach Salad

I love salad, but I think you know that by now. I really love pink grapefruit.  A few days ago I told you about segmenting citrus.  I had planned on using the segments in a salad for a goodbye party … Continue reading

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Supreme Citrus! Or, Let’s Segment Our Grapefruit Friends!

Supreme? Why do they call it that?  Whatever, supreme- segment- it is all the same. Get thee citrus out of pesky membrane. In case you weren’t fully aware of this yet, I am kind of wacky.  If I get something … Continue reading

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Pickled Oranges & a Cake

An embarrassing length of time ago a lovely blogger (Cafe Libby) whipped up some great Pickled Oranges. Yep!  Pickled Oranges!! Who knew you could even do that?  Certainly not I!  Well, I was so intrigued I entered to win a … Continue reading

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