Garden 2011


Sorrel– True French (or Bucklers) . Starting to re-emerge 2/2011
Rosemary– variety unknown
Chives– variety unknown. Starting to re-emerge 2/2011

Many other perennial herbs that haven’t started popping up as of 3/1/2011 (see “Garden 2010” to see what is likely still out there!)

Annual Vegetables:

Outdoor Direct Sow:

Lettuce– Speckles, Merlot,Valmaine, 3 blends (Amish Deer Tongue, Australian Yellowleaf, Bronze Arrowhead, Lollo Rossa, Pablo, Red Velvet, Reine des Glaces, Forellenschuss, Redder Ruffled Oaks, Devils Tongue, & some unknown others)   (2/19)
Radish French Breakfast, Cherry Belle, Watermelon, Amethyst Hybrid, Easter Egg Blend
Peas Sugar Snap Pea, Super Sprint Snap, Dakota Shelling Pea, Oregon Trail Shelling Pea (2/19)
Spinach-America, Regal (2/19)
Vit/Corn Salad (2/19)

Indoor Seed Start:

Tomatoes– Speckled Roman, Golden Honey Bunch, Taxi, Brandywine, German Pink, Purple Calabash, Stupice, Yellow Pear, Sweet Million, Frazier’s Gem, Japanese Trifele Black, Siletz, Bambino, Ananas Noire, Manitoba, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, San Marzano, Principe Borghese (2/25)
Cabbage– Derby Day, Gonzales (3/1)
Cauliflower– All-the-Year-Round, Snow Crown, Amazing (3/1)
Eggplant– Little Fingers, Prosperosa, Millionaire (3/1)
Peppers– Long Thin Cayenne, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Jalapeno, Italian Pepperoncini (2/25)
Melon– Mickylee, Sungold Casaba (3/1)
Broccoli– DiCicco, Early Green, Purple Sprouting, Raab, Blend (Belstar, Everest, Southern Comet & Packman) (3/1)
Kohlrabi– Kolibri, Kongo, Superschmeltz (3/1)
Dill– Dukat, Bouquet (3/1)
Basil– Aroma, Italian Large Leaf (3/1)
Parsley– Italian Flat Leaf (3/1)
Cilantro– Santo (3/1)


Marionberry Plus a new plant/cane this year
Black Currant new this year!
Fall Golden Raspberry

Heritage Raspberry
Tayberry 2 new plants/canes this year
Boysenberry A new plant/cane this year
Duke Blueberry
Chippewa Blueberry

Jersey Blueberry new last fall
Strawberries (hood, quinault, tristar and wild/native variety)
2 new trees this year- planted on steep hillside
(4 years old)We need to move them to another location. I hope it works

Latarulla (Italian Honey)Fig

Italian Plum New this year
Hollywood Plum

Himrod White grape
Canadice Red grape
Scarlet Sentinal Columnar Apple
I moved this recently out of a pot and into the ground.
Honeycrisp Apple
Bartlett & Anjou Pears (espaliered)
4-way Asian Pear (Kikisui, Hosui, Shinko, & 20th Century)
5-way Cherry (Sweetheart, Rainier, Bing, Lapine, & Angela)
5-way dwarf Apple (Lodi, Gala, Jonagold, Summerred, & Akane)
Puget Gold Apricot
I got a new crown. Not sure if the one from last year survived.  At least I have no idea where it is!


Potatoes (Rose Finn, German Butterball & All Blue are what is planned & seed potatoes purchased for 2011. Might get a 4th variety. Will plant around March 25th in our Tater Towers)
Asparagus– Jersey Knight & Sweet Purple  (No new growth yet. They are 3 years old now)
Onions– red wethersfield (planted fall 2011)
Garlic– German Porcelain, Chesnok Red, Romanian Red, Silver Rose, Inchelium Red (planted fall 2011)


Poppy (2/25-outside)
Alyssum (2/25- outside)
Sweet peas (2/25- outside)
Columbine (3/1-inside)
Guara (3/1- inside)
Rudbeckia (3/1-inside)
Echinacea (3/1- inside)

decoupage seed storage box

2 Responses to Garden 2011

  1. sara gilbert says:

    Wow. That is one heck of a list.

    Meg – do you keep seeds in the fridge or just in dark cabinet? i feel like it’s too cold in the fridge.

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