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September Cook the Books! Jerusalem Review and Wrap Up!

Ooooh-weeee, did I love the food and flavors this month! Though I’m still in a grief fog (understandably), I somehow managed to cook more than I anticipated this month. It is sort of a big deal given that all I have actually … Continue reading

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The Great Chicken Molt of 2012

It doesn’t seem that long ago the girls were undergoing their first molt, but it was actually the end of last October– 11 months ago. It makes sense though- chickens typically molt yearly  starting late summer or early fall. They … Continue reading

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September (Not) Mid-Month Meanderings III

I don’t even know what the date is….the 26th? 28th? I know it is most definitely not mid-month. September is crunch time for summer preserving.  It is the only time of the year I preserve in bulk. In fact, I … Continue reading

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Got Tomatoes?

We are finally scoring bowls of cherry to walnut sized tomatoes everyday.  We love them and gobble hoards of them up in the garden.  While I’m really just happy they are ripening at all, we aren’t getting enough for any … Continue reading

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September Mid-Month Meanderings II

It is time to start thinking about tucking in the garden for fall and winter. Things are getting pulled, some seeds are now saved and I’ve realized I (yet again) don’t have all the fall/winter and overwintering crops in that … Continue reading

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