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Our School Garden: A Book Review (and Some Thoughts on Anti-bias in Kids’ Books)

Before I dig into the book Our School Garden, I want to make sure you know about Readers to Eaters.  I met founders and partners Philip and June Jo Lee last summer at an event for the Community Alliance for … Continue reading

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No Way Tree Be: Parenting in the Face of Hurtful Language

Words mean something. I know the Ladyfriend is probably laughing that I even said that because we have longstanding, um, “discussions” about word choice and nuance. My general stance in such arguments is “Yep, when I said ____ I actually … Continue reading

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(Urban) Homestead Act 2.1

Toodling around on the internet today I read Crunchy Chicken and got tipped off to what is quickly becoming quite a debacle. You might have heard the the folks at Path to Freedom® have trademarked a few terms- some legitimate … Continue reading

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Social Justice Alert: RIP South Park Bridge

The bridge is up for the last time and, quite frankly, this sucks. The 79-year-old bridge is damaged beyond repair- a fact that has been known for almost a decade when it sustained further damage in the Nisqually earthquake (2001).  … Continue reading

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“homesteadin'” conversations?

Can we talk?  Good!  We discussed the loaded term ‘homestead’ in  Homestead Act 2.0 a bit ago and I’m sure you are eagerily awaiting Homestead Act 2.1  coming soon.  Really it is.  Can you hardly wait? In the meantime, I’d love your … Continue reading

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