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For the Love of Salads: Spinach Salad with Pistachios and Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette

A while back I promised you a recipe. I don’t forget a promise, but lately it seems like I’m behind on my delivery schedule.   I’m painfully aware of a long ago promised Homestead Act 2.1 that I’ve yet to cough … Continue reading

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My Own Can Jam Round Up: Chili Peppers

I love hot peppers!   I was ecstatic that Kaela at Local Kitchen chose chili peppers as the key ingredient for October Canning. For my October Can Jam entry I did Honeyed (Garlic) Jalapeno Rings, Pepper Jelly, and Sassy Lemon, … Continue reading

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Sassy Lemon, a Fiery Red Pickle

You’re still with me the peppers! If you read the past few days you know I came into 15 pounds of assorted hot peppers.  I found something for them all to do.  The final-preserving round was a colorful tray of … Continue reading

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It’s Not the 80′s, But I Love Hot Pepper Jelly!

I’m still on the hot pepper roll.  If you were with me yesterday for the Can Jam I shared, not only some kickin’ Honeyed (Garlic) Jalapeno Rings, but I also demonstrated how seriously *awesome* it is to attempt some tasks with an … Continue reading

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Can Jam- October Edition: Chili Peppers!

It’s Can Jam time again!  Kaela at Local Kitchen revealed October’s key ingredient: chili peppers.  A winner!     As part of an eastern Washington produce bulk buy organized by Annette, I ordered 15 pounds of hot peppers. Yep, 15 … Continue reading

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