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Easy Season Extension: PVC Hoop House

Do you practice season extension in your garden?   Extending the season is what it sounds like- extending your growing season longer into the fall/winter (or earlier in the spring). Some common methods are floating row cover, cold frames,  and … Continue reading

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From Kombucha to Homesteading: Top 5 Posts of 2010

It’s good to look back from time to time. Don’t you think? Check where you have been and ponder where you are going. Take stock. Re-evaluate. Plan. All good stuff. I’ve had a really fun time blogging and connecting with … Continue reading

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October Mid-Month Meanderings

    October is bringing the Seattleites the summer we never had.  Or at least the sunshine we never had.   It is everything a fall should be~ sunny skies and the tiptoeing in of crisp air. Fall was my favorite … Continue reading

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Oh Slugs, How I Hate You.

Oh slugs, how I hate you.  Really. Yes, we used to get along.  Me, just picking you off and tossing you elsewhere. You, getting some good bites of my veggies.  Peaceful co-existence. I didn’t mind a bit of your nibbling … Continue reading

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