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Herbal Cocktail: Strawberry-Thyme Margaritas

This week I’m joining Annette Cottrell of Sustainable Eats to talk about botanicals, and more specifically, herbs. And not just herbs, but herbs in cocktails! Which pretty much makes them super-herbs in my book. I was excited when Annette asked … Continue reading

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Queerness in the Garden

What does it means to be queer in the world of gardening, and more specifically, (urban) farming? The question has been on this queer lady’s mind since I heard about the Queer Farmer Film Project some time ago. Does queer … Continue reading

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An “Atheist F&#tard”?? Interesting…

So since being accused of being an “atheist fucktard” I think it is time to get some things off my chest. #1- I don’t hate religion. It is just not for me. #2- I DO believe that religion-all religion- should … Continue reading

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