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March Mid-Month Meanderings III

I’m home alone this weekend. Which, to be honest, is super awesome.  I love the Ladyfriend and Babylady (obviously), but it is the first time I’ve been home alone (or anywhere actually) for more than about 9 hours in over … Continue reading

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February Mid-Month Meanderings III

It is the time of the year that I am completely over the rain. Fed up with the dampness. Tired of the mud. It is raining buckets out and I’m heading out-of-town. I am off to Iowa with the Babylady … Continue reading

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March Mid-Month Meanderings II

March has been a labile lion. I feel the need to tell you that I am 100% over it. Perhaps the rest of my life is feeling a bit overwhelming right now…but I gotta say, the rain is not helping. … Continue reading

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Seeds, Berries and Chickens!

The weather in Seattle is dismal.  At best. I’ve got our seeds planted inside and outside anyhow, mostly adhering to my geeked out spreadsheet I made of the seeds we have. I started a new tab “Garden 2011” if you … Continue reading

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