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A New Brewery and New Books

Why hello there! I am still here. I’ve been giving myself a bit of a break and focusing on having fun, healing, and doing what feels right in the moment.  That has meant a lot of running, reading, and traveling. … Continue reading

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Oh Slugs, How I Hate You.

Oh slugs, how I hate you.  Really. Yes, we used to get along.  Me, just picking you off and tossing you elsewhere. You, getting some good bites of my veggies.  Peaceful co-existence. I didn’t mind a bit of your nibbling … Continue reading

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Intentional Epic (real)Food Fail

Dear Real Food Challenge– Forgive me I have sinned.   It was the birthday celebration of ohbriggsy (stop by and send birthday wishes and read some really fun posts)  & Double S.  I shamelessly ate a what-should-have-been-embarrasing amount of onion dip, fritos and potato chips … Continue reading

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