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My Dad: Grief and Sandwiches

Early in the morning of Sunday, August 11th, my sweet Daddy died at the age of 69. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to imagine a life without my Dad. My Dad was the sweetest, kindest, … Continue reading

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Love and Hope in the Garden

Or, Buds, Blooms, and New Growth. Years ago I wrote a post titled “Hope is a Bulb.” I was feeling sad about the world. Sad about hatred and ignorance. Sad about violence. Helpless in the face of so much pain … Continue reading

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Stress and Health: How I Became A Sleep-Evangelist

Hi. I’ve missed this space. Missed writing. I’ve missed you. It has been a really rough 2 years. 2011? 2012? Kind of a blur. Things have just not been going well. Continue to not go well. Really, we are barely … Continue reading

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Our School Garden: A Book Review (and Some Thoughts on Anti-bias in Kids’ Books)

Before I dig into the book Our School Garden, I want to make sure you know about Readers to Eaters.  I met founders and partners Philip and June Jo Lee last summer at an event for the Community Alliance for … Continue reading

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Getting Artsy with Kids and IKEA: A Compact Art Studio

I’ve mentioned before that our house is pretty small according today’s standards.  Spaces need to do double-duty.  For instance, we have a room that is about 8′ by 10′ and it serves as my office, the Ladyfriend’s closet, and the … Continue reading

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