Cook the Books! Smoked Trout!

You should be proud. Despite my fears, I already made halibut and offered up some crab. What next?
Last week, there was an event at the Babylady’s school- a fun exhibit of the kid’s photography and potluck.  Perfect time to hit Good Fish!  Smoked Trout Mousse seemed the perfect item for make ahead dish.

grow and resist cook the books Good Fish
Now, in full disclosure, I am not a fan of smoked fish. But, I know that people love smoked fish. More specifically, I know the Ladyfriend is a fan (and really, cooking for the people you love? awesome!)  And, I must say, that people really enjoyed it. The Ladyfriend said it was great and her parents loved it.  If you like trout or smoked fish, you will love this spread!

The smoked trout is mixed with cream cheese, cayenne, lemon juice, thyme, and cream. Becky serves this with a quick pickle of cucumber, radish, and chives. I used fennel, red onion, radish, and chives- really good and helped balance out the richness of the mousse, as well as adding a nice texture.

grow and resist cook the books Good Fish

Part of the Photography Exhibit of 5 year olds. The Babylady’s work is outlined. My favorite is the one of the bottom- Lego/Duplo people hanging out in a circle.

Starting March Cook the Books!, I had no delusions that I would suddenly love fish- no, instead I wanted to not be leary of fish or afraid to prepare it. So, I still don’t really like trout, BUT I can make a kick ass smoked fish spread that the fish and seafood lovers in my life will love. And, really? That was goal!

grow and resist cook the books Good Fish

Briggs and I weren’t going to be able to host a Cook the Books dinner party this month due to conflicting vacations, but I was still going to cook a seafood fest for the Ladyfriend’s parents when they arrived to stay with the Babylady for the week. However, family health issues and hospital stays made that not possible. So, when I get back from vacation, I’ll be doing one last Good Fish feast and tell you about it.  Squid? Scallops? What will it be?!

Have you been participating this month? We’d love to hear about it and link to you!  Send us a link to: by around March 23/24th and we’ll include you!

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2 Responses to Cook the Books! Smoked Trout!

  1. Angela says:

    Yay! So glad someone made the smoked trout! It was a busy month for me too, so I didn’t get to try many recipes. Happy to see you got to make one that was on my list and that it was well-liked. I hope some other cooks got to the other ones on my list, I want to get some opinions and look at photos.

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