Closing Chapters: Mid-Month Meanderings

Yesterday I let the chickens out to free range for the first time in a bit. I left to take the kiddo to swim lessons and returned to find them all still hanging out in the coop. They perched happily soaking up some sun post dust bath, but still! They were in their run!  I chastised them a bit. “Go forth my feathered friends! Eat bugs! Scratch weeds!  Go be chicken-y!” 

grow and resist chicken buff orpington

I encouraged the girls to go peck around (aka picked them up and put them elsewhere) the garden. I wandered around peeking under the hoop houses to see what survived of our recent freeze (seemingly everything). I broke up ice in the bird baths. Mostly though, I puttered around taking stock of the garden. Of me. Of me in the garden.

One thing I realized is that I am done posting Mid-Month Meanderings. I’ll continue sharing projects and glimpses, but it won’t be necessarily on a schedule. I’ve loved sharing the space with you over the past nearly three years, just as I love giving tours to anyone that physically comes to the house. Looking back, I am pretty amazed at how much it has changed during this time. Take a look at meanders at the height of last summer and again from a few summers ago. Wowsa!

Sharing the garden with you and being a site for Edible Garden Tours and the Seattle Tilth Chicken Coop Tours over the past few years help me realize that I wanted to start helping others edible garden and raise chickens. Blogging about gardening led me down the road to become a Master Composter/Soil Builder (last year) and Master Gardener (in process).

I’m only two weeks into the program, but it was already interesting to walk around the garden with an ever-so-slightly shifted mind frame. Plants are kind of mind-blowingly awesome and I’m so ready to geek out on the finer details.

So, I’ll still be sharing from the garden. It’ll just be different.

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2 Responses to Closing Chapters: Mid-Month Meanderings

  1. I love this. It gives me inspiration into what I am doing today, in hopes that I will find that one thing that makes me the happiest!!

  2. Meg says:

    Woot! Welcome to the MG Program! I’ve been a MG for nearly 10 years, and was a mentor for the training class a couple years ago. It’s an awesome program. What’s better than hanging out with a bunch of gardeners talking about plants and gardening? 🙂

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