Top Five. Or Note to Self- It Seems You Like Tutorials

In the next week or so I will talk about what is in store for 2013.  But, for today, New Year’s Eve, it is only right to look back. Perhaps reflect. Do a little check in.

I wrote much less often (40 posts this year down from 70 in 2011) this year.  I was pleased to note that visitors come from 153 countries!  In terms of Grow and Resist content, it seems you like tutorials. When I tell you how to do things, you tell your friends. Or, maybe it is just that you really like things that you can pin. (Oh, Pinterest!) But at any rate, thanks for sharing the love. I’m glad you are here!

Top 5 (New) Posts of 2012: The Year of Intermittent Blogging

1. In the Kitchen with Kids: A Play Kitchen You Won’t Hate I love this stool. Seriously. One of the most useful things in our kitchen. For everyone.

grow and resist IKEA kid play kitchen
2. Vertical Gardening with Concrete Wire Mesh Can’t get enough of concrete wire mesh. But to the company in China spamming me about selling wire mesh? Again, no thanks. =)

grow and resist vertical gardening with concrete wire mesh

3. Re-use and Re-purposing in the Garden: Tutorial Old free things in the garden? Yes. Again and again.

grow and resist re-use and re-purpose in the garden

4. Getting Artsy with Kids and IKEA: A Compact Art Studio aka Keeping Your Glitter Contained. This has proved to be the perfect set up over and over.

grow and resist IKEA kid a

5. The Great Chicken Molt of 2012 After this post the poor girls got much, much worse before they got better. It was a rough molt this year. Yikes.

grow and resist chicken molt

Top 5 Posts of All (Grow and Resist)Time

  1. Whimsical Raised Beds. Make Them Now. I wonder if my mom knows her picture sitting on our raised beds is so well-viewed on Pinterest? This is also why I don’t post pictures of my kid here in any identifying manner. (Hi Mom! You all over the place!)
  2. Charcuterie: (Salt Curing, the Apprentice Challenge) Bacon– complete with what are likely the worst pictures on the internet.
  3. Tater Tower Tutorial The jury is still out for me on the Towers. I use them, but haphazardly. I don’t tend to water them. Or pay attention to them. This year I am going to fill with straw only and see how they produce. If I am not impressed, my potato farming days are over.  The method does work, but I believe more attention should be paid to varieties, etc. I plan on updating this method in 2013.
  4. Homestead Act 2.0 nearly tied with (Urban) Homestead Act 2.1 Yes. Still important topic. Words matter.
  5. Easy Season Extension: PVC Hoop House They have proven to be extremely functional and long-lasting. Last year I kept us in a variety of greens, including more tender lettuces, all winter long using them.  Easy. Efficient.

Coming Up Next?

I will talk about a variety of changes for 2013 sometime in the next week or so.   But in case you are just now catching up on your blog reading, Briggs and I are hosting Cook the Books! We are planning on having a good time, cooking and eating a lot of good food, and exploring new cookbooks.  First up? Around My French Table- Dorie Greenspan.  Do check it out as we would love to have you join in the fun!  All you have to do is get the cookbook and cook something from it!  We are doing 12 new-to-us cookbooks and will be blogging about it off and on over the month.  Read about it, comment, or email us with any questions (

Now, get on with your New Year celebrating and I’ll see you in 2013!

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