December Mid-Month Meanderings III

I have so much to say, so much going through my mind, and no logical plan on getting any of it out.

I have things to say about guns. But nothing that hasn’t been said far more eloquently than I ever could. Because all I want to do is scream. NO ONE needs access to a semi-automatic or automatic weapon. NO ONE. It isn’t a right. And, even if it were, the perceived rights of an individual in no way trumps the safety of the community. Period.

I also have a lot to say about health and stress. We’ll getting there. It is in the works.

december mid month meanderings grow and resist chicken planter

Bawk! The nasturtiums apparently never die.

So, I’ll step back and bring you a very brief look at the garden. Why brief? Remember earlier this month when Erica at Northwest Edible Life brought you “And Then The Ugly Happened“? If not, give it a look. Because her garden is my garden. No, not literally my garden. But The Ugly? Yep, it is happening here. It is one of the reasons I never did a November Mid Month. It is one of the reasons I’m late this month. It is ugly out there friends. Ugly and incessantly raining. I am out there on a desperate-need-only basis this time of the year.

There are full plastic bins, once destined for the yard waste, now full of slimy, dead plants and overflowing with water. Crumpled up unused pieces of floating row cover (the bain of my existence- regardless of how awesome it is) littered the beds and pathways. Summer toys have yet to be put away.

december mid month meanderings grow and resist

Sometimes if something has been sitting around for a while I become unable to move it. It becomes a sort of game- wondering how long it will stay there? (as if it were completely out of my control)

The hoop houses are in place. I don’t totally know what is under them. Some radishes. Beets. Chard. Kale. Hopefully some arugula. But I know we have lettuce.  I kept us in lettuce and greens all winter last year until the spring growth arrived and am hoping for a repeat.

december mid month meanderings grow and resist  lettuce

Fresh greens and lettuce all winter long. Yay!

We have fall peas still hanging in there. Not as productive as spring peas, but still munch-able.

december mid month meanderings grow and resist  fall peas

Not only peas! We also have blown up beach balls still in the garden!

The chickens, finally done with their yearly ugly, will hopefully decide to lay some eggs again and earn their keep. We had about 2 months of molting between all the girls and they looked hideous. Hideous, flighty, and they don’t lay eggs. I say boo to molting hens.

grow and resist mid month meanderings december  chicken

The last of the horrible molts. This was last month and she appears fully feathered again. Bad, huh?

But now…all the feathered ladies.  Their combs are reddening back up- a sign that they might soon lay eggs again.  They lose a lot of color in the their combs when they aren’t laying. Cool chicken fact.

december mid month meanderings grow and resist  chickens

Slacker post-molt chickens

A final note of interest! A cookbook challenge! Did you hear? Briggs and I are doing a cookbook challenge in 2013? It is going to be fun! We are going to dive into 12 cookbooks and explore, share, talk, review, and eat. We will be making a announcement later this week giving you more details….the name, instructions on how to take part, and the first book!

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