September (Not) Mid-Month Meanderings III

I don’t even know what the date is….the 26th? 28th? I know it is most definitely not mid-month.

september 2012 mid month meanderings grow and resist sunflower

September is crunch time for summer preserving.  It is the only time of the year I preserve in bulk. In fact, I have preserved very little since last September. Some preserved lemons, a batch of marmalade, and some frozen lemon zest  (from my parent’s garden way back in January) are the only things I can recall.

september 2012 mid month meanderings grow and resist lettuce and kale

Lettuce and kale for fall and winter. I managed to overwinter lettuce last winter so I’m hoping for a repeat!

Then…pow…September! During the first 2 weeks of September,  I preserved (in one fashion or another): 160# tomatoes, 30# cucumbers, 20# blueberries, 20# peaches, 20# strawberries, 5# jalapeños, 1# basil,  2 gallons of foraged blackberries, and 2 stuffed canvas grocery bags of plums.

september 2012 mid month meanderings grow and resist apples

I picked part of the apples from one of the columnar apple trees. Crisp and sweet-tart. Yum.

Whew. This girl is done for 2012.

september 2012 mid month meanderings grow and resist peppers and chard

Our peppers have been prolific (for Seattle) this year.  And I have  loads of chard and other various greens to overwinter. Yay!

But the garden? It is on autopilot. Thank goodness. It is safe to say that, in my less-than-stellar disgruntled pissy mood, I am over it for the season. I want to rip it all out and put it to bed.  You see, 2012 continues deliver fairly regular beatings. My Dad still doesn’t have a liver. We had to suddenly put our sweet and silly dog to sleep about 10 days ago.  And I have had more recent conversations about death, menstruation, and (the musical) Wicked with the intensely curious (and not-yet-5-year-old) Babylady than my frazzled self can deal with.

september 2012 mid month meanderings grow and resist pole beans

I am continually blown away by how quickly pole beans mature. They are still going strong!

Anyway. I am done.

september 2012 mid month meanderings grow and resist cabbage

Became kraut.

But I’m here.

september 2012 mid month meanderings grow and resist harvest

End of summer harvest and the last of our tomatoes

Coming up tomorrow? The Great Chicken Molt of 2012.

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7 Responses to September (Not) Mid-Month Meanderings III

  1. Memaw E says:

    Hang in there, Meg. I know this has been a trying year. In spite of it look at all that you have done! You are amazing!

  2. Jeanette says:

    What beautiful tomatoes and what kind of pole beans. Sorry for the lose of your dog. Sending prays for your dad and liver. And for you!

  3. As another Seattle gardener, I’m interested in which tomato varieties performed well for you. This year I was pleased with Beaver Lodge, Glacier, Pink Icicle, Polish, Speckled Roman, and Black Cherry. A bit disappointing: German Streaked and Black Trifele. Overall, a really good year for tomatoes though.

    • This year was iffy– I had a gazillion starts and the labels all wore off before I got them in the ground. So I ended up with a ton of orange paruche (a cherry type that was new to me and I loved!) Some speckled romans made it in the garden and performed well. To be honest, this year was a terrible year for our tomatos– because I ignored them, was terrible about watering, and frazzled. I am still searching for that perfect tomato taste in a tomato that will ripen in Seattle!
      PS- your blog is great! And, I can’t believe we haven’t met!

  4. emmycooks says:

    I’m sorry about your dad and your dog–and after spending the day canning peaches myself (oh wait, I’m not done yet) I can’t believe how much produce you went through this month! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. You’re going to have a delicious winter, though–I hope that helps with the rest. Take care.

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