July Mid-Month Meanderings III (and the Chicken Coop Tour Recap)

Wow! People are interested in chickens! I was incredibly pleased by our turn out for the Seattle Tilth Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour this past weekend!  We had about 100 visitors- an impressive feat for a south-side location!  I was so happy. We placed information signs in various locations around the coop and in a few locations (especially the parking strip and hillside where we wouldn’t be present to answer questions).

july mid month meanderings 2012 urban farm and chicken coop tour

The tour was a week ago and since then I’ve been working and gearing up for vacation.  Now we are on vacation again in North Carolina and I can breathe again.

Rather than tell you much more, I’ll give you a slide show  of the garden that day. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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8 Responses to July Mid-Month Meanderings III (and the Chicken Coop Tour Recap)

  1. Those must be some happy chickens. Nice looking garden too – how do you get the cauliflower to head up so nicely, and without any aphids? I get awful aphids whenever I plant it.

  2. Inder says:

    This slide show is awesome! I got to see some views of your garden that I had never seen. Now I feel like I have a better idea of how it all looks, and what it would be like to hang out there and drink cocktails. 🙂 Sounds like your chickens were quite popular!

  3. twintoefarm says:

    Great pics. I totally want to do the wine bottle border.

  4. Jessica says:

    Your run is badass! Well done. What do you put in the dust bath? We gave our girls sand, but it clumped and didn’t really work as expected.

    • Thanks! I am going to add gutters before the summer is over. Just dirt bottom with a bit of sand and some DE. Eventually I’ll add a bit more sand but haven’t gotten around to it yet. They aren’t really using it for the most part yet. We’ll see.

  5. Matt Talley says:

    We are adding chickens – full grown birds that have to find a new home – this month. I grew up with chickens but it was in a place that is a lot dryer. We don’t live that far apart, west seattle, and I was wondering about mice and rats – have you seen more since you have had the birds? Do you pull their feed every night?

    • Rats are definitely a huge issue in Seattle with chickens. That being said, I haven’t seen a single one (or evidence of any). I am rat-phobic so monitor it a lot. Our food is kept inside the coop itself that I *usually* lock up at night. If we are out of town I leave it open as the run is raccoon-proof and it is easier for folks to keep an eye on the chickens if they don’t have to let them in and out.

      Now that I have said that all I expect to be descended on by an army of rats and raccoons.

      If you are interested in seeing our set up just let me know and I will show you around!

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