Herbal Cocktail: Strawberry-Thyme Margaritas

This week I’m joining Annette Cottrell of Sustainable Eats to talk about botanicals, and more specifically, herbs. And not just herbs, but herbs in cocktails! Which pretty much makes them super-herbs in my book.

grow and resist botanical herbal cocktail strawberry thyme margarita urban farm handbook challenge

I was excited when Annette asked me to do an herbal boozy post. Summer is upon us (even in Seattle) and once I tentatively pull the sandals out for the first time, I am all about the cocktails.  What is in season? What can I put that in? What booze might work best? Syrups! Boozy infusions! 

urban farm handbook banner  grow and resist herbal botanical cocktails

I am following along, albeit passively, in the Urban Farm Challenge with Sustainable Eats.  Designed to be done at your own pace and level of involvement, it is a year of changes you can make regardless of your starting knowledge and resource points.  We’ve done soil building, home dairy, gardening, and foraging- all of which you can recap here.  There are plenty of cool things left to come, including: winter gardening, seed saving, bartering, preserving, and more.  You can join in at anytime so even if you haven’t been participating, you still can!

One of the things I love about The Urban Farm Handbook (written by Annette Cottrell and Joshua McNichol) is how steps are broken down into manageable bits so anyone can effect change in their life. The year-long internet challenge is equally manageable.  I did a full review of the book here, so if you want to know more about this amazing book (and how rockin’ I think Annette is) give it a read.

grow and resist herbal botanical cocktails for urban farm handbook challenge strawberry thyme margarita

June has been about Botanicals.  I am an equally opportunity herb lover, so took a look around the garden to see what was growing in abundance. Mint, thyme, and rosemary stood out.  Not able to decide, I worked with all of them.

grow and resist herbal botanical cocktails for urban farm handbook challenge strawberry thyme margarita

Have cocktails, will travel. We like to come prepared to parties.
(That lemon number is coming up soon!)

Strawberry-Thyme Margarita

  • 1 oz tequila
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz strawberry-thyme simple syrup (*recipe below)
  • thyme sprigs, to garnish
  1. Pour ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake it up!
  3. Rim your chosen glass with salt, if you chose. I do not chose. (Unless I’m having a Local Kitchen Rhubarbarita, and then I love them rimmed with salt and cinnamon. It is divine.)
  4. Pour it in a glass.
  5. Garnish with fresh thyme sprigs.
  6. Bottoms up. Makes 1. I like to make a bunch in a jar ahead of time when we are with friends. (Full disclosure: the Ladyfriend is actually the household bartender. I’m the finder of drink ideas. She is the real magic maker.) 

grow and resist herbal botanical cocktails for urban farm handbook challenge strawberry thyme margarita

Strawberry-Thyme Simple Syrup

I vary the sugar-to-water ratio in my simple syrups according to how tart the added flavor is, how tart or sweet I want the final product, impulse, whim, or even perhaps the phase of the moon.  Experiment and see what you like. You can always add more sugar if you have a big sweet tooth.

  • 2 cups of strawberries, washed, hulled, and sliced
  • ~6 sprigs of fresh picked thyme (I’ll add more next go-around for a more pronounced thyme flavor)
  • 1 ½ cups of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  1. Place all ingredients in pan and bring to boil. 
  2. Reduce to simmer, add thyme, and allow to simmer uncovered for 10 minutes or so. 
  3. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  4. Strain in fine mesh sieve and save solids/fruit pulp to use in a buttermilk cake, quick bread, pancakes or muffins.
  5. Refrigerate syrup until needed. 
grow and resist herbal botanical cocktails for urban farm handbook challenge strawberry thyme margarita

Soapbox Moment: To anyone that might have voted to privatize liquor sales in Washington state, I hope that you are flogging yourself about now.  That $19.95 bottle of booze is now running about $27-28. Did you really need to be able to buy your feed-lot meat, your chlorine-laced tampons, your chemical-laden convenience “food”, and vodka all that the same store?  Really? Seriously? Why? Why? Why? No bullshit about wanting government out of alcohol. The government is involved in all kinds of things (roads, fire, police, women’s health, and love to name a few) that you likely don’t even think about. And, when is it EVER a good idea to vote for something heavily backed by a corporation?  (Answer? Never.)  And now you are surprised that the prices went up? A corporation will not back something unless it stands to make a shit ton of money. A shit ton of YOUR money. Period.

Whew. Got that off my chest. Stay tuned for more herbal booziness coming up this week because I have a few more killer herbal cocktails to share with you.

Like herbal cocktails? You might like a Cucumber Mint Gimlet (I did!)

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14 Responses to Herbal Cocktail: Strawberry-Thyme Margaritas

  1. Turtle says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while, but wanted to throw out a huge THANKS for your liquor privatization rant. I manage a small restaurant, and prices are up even though I get the Class H license discount. I cant even find all the spirits I usually stock. I used to get the liquor order once a month, and now I have to split up trips to Costco and find other distributors. For all the millions Costco spent getting their law passed, they apparently didn’t spend a dime training staff on how to sell liquor. I had four people figuring out how to get me a membership card that allowed me to purchase liquor, and they still did it wrong. No one knew how to figure out the daily limit of what I could buy (24 liters, but their bottles are mostly 1.75 liters so there was math involved,) and I can’t even buy much anyway because that is nothing for a bar.

    For the record I voted against this because I actually liked the state-run model. Granted, I usually buy liquor for work, but it was pretty efficient for me. And notice that the state stores would simply list the regular price and the Class H Price, whereas Costco lists the main price and then lets you figure out the taxes on your own? Nicely done, Costco.

  2. sustainableeats says:

    Oh Meg this is so great, right down to your soap box moment. Enjoy your drink in the garden! Now we just need some sandal weather, eh? I can’t wait for the whole liquor thing to be repealed and then see how many millions it costs us to fold it back in under the state…

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  4. Lilah says:

    I am totally going to try this. Sounds delish!

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  6. Joanna says:

    Glad someone else noticed the annoyingness of this liquor thing. Blew my mind!

  7. Inder says:

    Mmmmm. Cocktails (counting down the days of this pregnancy!). I had no idea about liquor privatization, must be a Washington thing? I’m thinking it’s been like that for a while in California, so I don’t have much to compare it to.

    • Yep, it was a ridiculous WA state thing that just became effective June 1st. Heavily, heavily backed by Costco.
      Hang in there Mama…you are almost there!

      • Inder says:

        Now that you mention it, I remember not being able to buy booze (at least hard liquor) at the regular grocery store near my mom’s house in Bellingham. So things have changed? And it affected the price of alcohol? Fascinating! I should research more about the mechanics of that. (I’m a regulatory nerd, don’t mind me.) Since I can’t actually DRINK any booze, sigh.

  8. whit says:

    About your soapbox sermon…
    AMEN to that, Sister! Or a resounding “Hell yah” for those who ain’t religious. 🙂

    Our big box lots neighbour lost my membership money as soon as they took to their ridiculous liquor initiative. Not that it hurts them, but atleast my guilt is gone. 🙂

    Can’t wait to try your syrup! Thanks for helping us all along the road to becoming more sustainable. Now, we just need to fiñd some folks making local CHOH and we could really do some good!

  9. Kirsten says:

    Totally agree with your rant. Our Costco membership came due right after the vote and we found a $10 annual increase (our guess was to pay off their campaign fees for I-1183). We immediately cut up our card and cancelled our membership. Although I’m frustrated with the increase in liquor pricing, I’m more concerned about the damaging affects this has had on small businesses.
    Check out Public Citizen (http://www.citizen.org), a group working with communities to propose new legislation to counteract the Citizen United vs FEC ruling.

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