To Bathe a Chicken

Yesterday I gave my chicken a bath. At the end of the post from yesterday I shared a picture of my feathered friend, Calypso.  Calypso was a hot mess.  She is a White Crested Black Polish hen and that big mop of feathers is her claim to fame. I love it.  It stayed well-kept all last winter, but this winter I fear she has been into a bit of mischief or something. She was looking rough. Yes, my little hen was going to get to have a bath. Not for medical reasons as she did last year. No, this was pure vanity.  It was time.

grow and resist give polish chicken a bath

We were out of no-tear shampoo (from a reader suggestion on Facebook. Hi Sharon!).  We did have some no-tear conditioner though.  It didn’t get her as clean as I would have hoped, but it is a HUGE improvement. And she is soft.

Giving a chicken a bath is surprisingly easy.  Calypso actually seems to somewhat enjoy it. The head shampooing though?  Not a fan from what I could tell.

grow and resist give polish chicken a bath

A mohawk is not her best look

grow and resist give polish chicken a bath

Trying to blow dry a chicken with one hand and take a photo with the other is as impossible as you might imagine.

grow and resist give polish chicken a bath

Frisky to be outside again!

Tada! My pretty girl is back!

grow and resist give polish chicken a bath

Have you ever bathed a chicken? Do tell!

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9 Responses to To Bathe a Chicken

  1. Jenn says:

    Yes, I have washed our girls. We’ve washed hens because they were sick and had an infected, broken toe (Gwen), when Beaker had a prolapse, when they’ve gotten nasty from caked-on poop, and even dunked the girls in a bucket of water one summer when temps were north of 100.

    Polish brids’ crests get so gross. I’ve given up on mine – there’s simply too much mud to compete with to bother, though I’ve considered a rubber band to keep their crests out of the way.

    (Search for “prolapse” on my blog & you’ll find the story of Beaker.)

  2. Yes, I gave one of my roosters (did I mention all of my first batch of chicks were boys?) a bath after the others beat him up one day. His name was Colonel sanders, and he was a white leghorn, I think…they wouldn’t stop peckin at him cause he was all over blood, and as it turns out they are sort of spazzy about red things. So I gave him a bath. I noticed something…live chickens that are bleeding, smell alot like chicken. duh, I know, but it somehow brought all that chicken I’d handled over the years in varies kitchens into sharp relief in my mind.

  3. sharon says:

    She looks so much better. Job well done 🙂

  4. Inder says:

    Uh, no. But wow, it sure made a difference here! The “before” picture just cracks me up. That’s how my child looks at the end of most days. He doesn’t like being shampooed much either.

  5. magdave says:

    Calypso’s new look would make comedian Phyllis Diller proud.

    Sister-to-Sister style, eh?

  6. Holy cow! or should that be chicken? What a difference! Since I don’t have chickens, didn’t think anything of the first photo till I saw the after pic! She really did get into something it seems.

  7. lillywarner says:

    I bathed one of my chickens once a couple of years ago. Her abdomen was all swollen and I thought she might be egg bound. I had heard that a warm bath might help. I used a little bit of my dog’s puppy shampoo (Baby Dog, I think it was called). I was surprised by how mellow she was in the tub as well! I was mentally prepared for her to flap around and make a fuss, but she just sat there in the warm water and cooed. My boyfriend couldn’t believe it. He just kept saying, “We have a chicken in our tub”. Whatever was wrong with her, the bath must have helped because the swelling went down the next day and we still have her!

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