Chicken Butts

It is unseasonably perfect in Seattle- which is to say that it isn’t raining, misting, or cloudy. I blew off everything to build a hugelkultur-ish bed in our parking strip.  I will tell you about that soon, but today is for the chickens.  Tired from the shoveling and lifting, I let a few chickens out to play while I sat and watched them.

I adore chickens, that is no secret. I recently told the Ladyfriend “Um, honey? Can I tell you something? I really like chickens. A lot.”  As I said in a Facebook post- “some people hold babies, I hold chickens.”  I love their soft feathers. I love their noisy bawking. I love the eggs. But what I really love is their fluffy butts.

Perhaps I was inspired by a post this morning by Krista and Jess and their chicken with a few mystery butt whiskers.  Go check it out if you have any clues to their mystery. My barred rock used to have one as well, but on close inspection it seems to be gone, so I have no idea.

Why do I love their feathers and fluffy butts so much?  Just check them out! Enter: one of the Annies (the buff orpinton), Mountain Mama (the rhode island red), and Aspen (the speckled sussex).

grow and resist chicken butts buff orpington

grow and resist chicken butts speckled sussex

How could I not? They are so…..fluffy!

grow and resist chicken butts buff orpington speckled sussex

And round.

grow and resist chicken butts buff orpington

grow and resist chicken butts speckled sussex

grow and resist chicken butts buff orpington rhode island red speckled sussex

They blow in the wind.

grow and resist chicken butts buff orpington rhode island red speckled sussex

grow and resist chicken butts buff orpington

grow and resist chicken butts speckled sussex

That alone would be enough for me. But they also leave me these:

grow and resist normal egg and giant double yolk egg

Just for reference, the egg on the left is a “normal” size egg. The one on the right is enormous. Like duck-egg huge. While a normal chicken egg will weigh 2-2.25 ounces, this egg weighed 3.4 ounces!  It had a double egg but was far larger than any other double yolked eggs my girls have laid.  It was big, and so thick and fresh that it was like a pancake when I cooked it up!

Happy weekend all!

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19 Responses to Chicken Butts

  1. Stacy says:

    You’re so awesome, Meg…I love chicken butts too. 🙂 lol

  2. Lise says:

    And they waddle so when they walk; I totally understand all the cartoons where the chickens are ladies in bloomers. Love them!

    Do you know the kids’ book “Chicken Cheeks?” It’s about all kinds of bottoms, not just chickens’, but with that title, I knew I needed it!

  3. darcyflynn says:

    Lovely! These look just like my “girls’! I adore my chickens, have raised rare breeds for years! I love, love their fresh eggs! Thanks for this cute post!

  4. Kim Griffin says:

    I love it! I want chickens so bad but I live in a subdivision that doesn’t allow them! Grr..

    I often watch Tori and Dean with chicken-envy!

    Also, that’s quite an egg! Yum!

  5. jess s says:

    i love this paen in celebration of the chicken butt. they are fabulous.

  6. Memaw Elise says:

    They are so beautiful. I’m gong to have to take a closer look the next time I’m there.

  7. tigress says:

    I love this ode to chicken butts post! I am so happy you love chicken butts! It only makes me that much more eager to have egg-layin’ feathered butts of my own. 🙂

  8. Gloria says:

    I can’t imagine life without the chickens now. Those pictures are so lovely Meg.

  9. Inder says:

    I didn’t even KNOW that I loved chicken butts, but you have shown me that indeed, I do.

  10. emmycooks says:

    Aw, I love these chicken butt pics. I have some backyard chicken butts in Seattle too–and am thinking I’ll pick up a few more baby chick butts this week (they’re pretty cute too).

  11. BethieofVA says:

    I love all my chickens butts, but your butts are so tidy!!

  12. Debbie says:

    Do you all know anything about chickens other then they are cute and soft? I have a hen that started Bawking alot. She had a messy butt. Not like those in your pictures, I assure you. She has been very dosel and inactive. I soaked her behind in warm water to clean it and brought her in the house. She lets out a loud Bawk every few minutes. I don’t know if its a soft egg she can’t get out or what is going on. I don’t know how to help her. She nibbled on some meal worms but not too interested in anything else.

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