January Mid-Month Meanderings III

January mid month meanderings grow and resist

Cute Red-breasted Nuthatch

January isn’t the most interesting month in Seattle from a gardening perspective. Things are pretty bare and most certainly soggy. On a little walk around last week I noticed the tips of some of the crocuses are popping up, which always makes me feel a bit giddy at the thought of spring. The premature glee is pretty much a set up for future depression though, as Seattle still faces several months of dreary and wet winter, followed by a few months of faux-spring, until we finally settle into an actual (and predictable) spring-like weather in May or thereabouts.

January mid month meanderings grow and resist chard bushtit

a Bushtit at the feeder

That aside, I love snow. Adore it. Seattle in snow is funny. Or maybe a tragic comedy. We are never prepared. The roads don’t get plowed. No one can drive. Everyone freaks out.  People are peeved if schools close and up-in-arms if they don’t. People are agitated if the city buses over-prepare and downright hostile if they don’t.  Fools attempt to drive up steep, iced-over hills. (Or down like this). The snow is icy as it is rarely far below freezing so it constantly slushes and refreezes, slushes and refreezes.  It is usually a complete mess.

January mid month meanderings grow and resist chard snowman

The Babylady's snow person (melting). With funny kale hair and eyes.

But I embrace it. Welcome it. Crave it. A winter without snow is just not winter.  The weather news is in a tizzy about an impending Snowmageddon and Snowpocolypse coming tonight. That was maybe going to be here yesterday. Or today. Or tonight. Tomorrow maybe?  And could last until tomorrow night. Or friday. And possibly 4-8 inches. Or 6-14 inches. Or maybe just 1-4 inches. No matter. Whatever it is, it will surely be a mess.  But me? I’ll be walking down to the park with the Babylady, Ladyfriend, and the new slippery sled to get our snow play on. Sure, it can be inconvenient. But really? Most of us could stand to slow down a bit and belly laugh while flying down a hill with snow up our noses. Right?

January mid month meanderings grow and resist chard ice on the chicken coop

Icicles on the chicken coop

January mid month meanderings grow and resist chard with snow

Despite the snow pushing down on the hoops things underneath are looking good. Plenty of chard and lettuce still going strong!

January mid month meanderings grow and resist northern flicker

A Northern Flicker dropped by for a bit today

Hope your new year is off to a great start and you are pouring over incoming seed catalogs and dreaming of growth!

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4 Responses to January Mid-Month Meanderings III

  1. Shae says:

    I love this post, Meg. It made me laugh in so many places. And the birds make me think of the winter I spent on Vashon. I think I loved the nuthatches best, their funny little beeping sounds and how they sometimes walk backwards up a tree. Thanks for sharing this view of your world.

  2. val says:

    Nuthatches are my favorite. Good luck with your impending snowpocalypse–as long as the plants don’t get crushed, snow is a wonderful insulator!

  3. Traveling Mom says:

    Great post – you are funny Meg! I love the picture of the flicker – we saw 3 eagles yesterday by the Iowa River!

  4. Inder says:

    Love Babylady’s snowperson and the description of snow in Seattle, which I know to be all too true! Of course, it’s not like we’re any better down here in California. Here, all it takes to bring the whole SF Bay Area to a standstill is a few inches of rain. I can’t even imagine SNOW here, it would be total mayhem.

    Faux spring! I have seen the Pacific Northwest faux spring and it can be very deceiving! You’re cracking me up. Love it.

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