Top Posts of 2011

End of the year. Wrapping things up. Looking behind.  Last year I gave you  Top 5 posts of 2010.  This year, I’m going for 10. While some posts from 2010 continue to rank higher, this list if for posts from 2011.

You all seem to follow along with some of my randomness.  Talks of urban homestead, charcuterie, salads, chickens, food preservation, and books all piqued your interest.

Top 10 Posts of 2011

  1. Urban Homestead 2.1   Oh, that greedy Dervaes family and their ridiculous trademark scandal. Urban Homestead, Urban Homestead, Urban Homestead.
  2. Charcuterie: (Salt Curing, the Apprentice Challenge) Bacon

    charcuterie, charcutepalooza, grow and resist, pork belly, bacon

    Pork Belly!

  3. The Urban Farm Handbook: Review and Giveaway

    urban farm handbook giveaway grow and resist

    There also fantastic photographs inside

  4. (Urban) Homestead: A Different Kind of Critique  A bit more homestead talk.  In the end “I want us to get collectively angry enough that we produce a revolutionary and systemic change.  A change to the systems that create injustices.  As long as we are rooted in our participation of capitalism and rugged individualism we remain stuck. Stuck in a system that oppresses us all.”  Power to the people!
  5. Got Tomatoes?

    grow and resist tomatoes

    That is a lot of tomatoes!

  6. The Fabulousness of Polish Hens. Introducing Lady Guitar, the Second

    golden polish chick grow and resist

    Fantastic chicken!

  7. Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking: Review and Book Giveaway

    hip girls guide to homemaking + kate payne + book review + grow and resist


  8. Charcutepalooza: Brining and Corned Beef

    grow and resist charcutepalooza brining corned beef

    Greatest hash I've had. Yes. I said it. It was awesome!

  9. For the Love of Salads: Cherry Arugula Bread Salad

    grow and resist for the love of salads cherry arugula bread salad

    I realize that is a ridiculous amount of feta. But the Babylady will eat it all so I need to account for her consumption and ensure everyone else will get some cheese!

  10. A Tale of Two Chickens

    grow and resist chicken 5.5 weeks barred rock

    Ripplin' Waters- Barred Rock.


In case you were wondering,  my top favorite posts were:

Some of my favorite bloggers have 2011 lists (and I hope more do them. I love lists!) Local Kitchen, Crunchy Chicken, and Northwest Edible Life all have lists up. Well-Preserved has a series looking at things they learned over the year. Check them out!

Did you have a favorite post? Or is there something you’d like more of in 2012?  I don’t know about you, but I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2012!

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2 Responses to Top Posts of 2011

  1. jess s says:

    I am so ready for 2012. 2011 has worn me the f— down.

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