A Fund for Jennie (and the Power of Community)

A few weeks ago a blogger, Jennie Perillo’s life came crashing down when her husband suddenly and unexpectedly died.  I don’t know Jennie. I know she is a food writer and blogger.  She is mom to 2 young girls.  What I know and don’t know isn’t really my point. My point is that Jennie is us. She is me. She is you. She is the person down the street. She is your friend from high school. She is the person on the bus next to you.  She is all of us.

The humanity, the community and the love I’ve witnessed out of this tragedy has been nothing but heartwarming.  It started with a pie. Creamy Peanut Butter Pie. Mikey’s favorite. So many, many people baking a pie for someone they love.

And now the food blogging community has come together and launched a fund for Jennie and her kids.  Bloggers Without Borders is hosting an online auction full of wonderful items to bid on.   Kate at Snowflake Kitchen asked if I would take part in her offering of preserves, pickles and jams. I was so honored to be asked and included along side such esteemed bloggers and preservers!   Do stop over and place a bid.  You’ll be walking away with a huge array of goods and helping a fellow human out in a really dark time.

grow and resist august mid month meanderings sunflower and bee

To say that Jennie’s known and unknown community has been touched is an understatement. I can’t imagine the gut-wrenching grief, loss and fear. I can’t imagine suddenly being a single parent to the Babylady.  I can’t imagine going at it alone. Suddenly. Without warning.


It is often hard to fathom the existence of true community. A community that will rise beside you, a total stranger, in a time of need. Without judgement. Without scorn. Without pettiness. Without fear.  But what if? What if we all had that?  How powerful would that be? What if the homeless man at the bus stop had it?  The queer teen terrified to come out to their family? The person fleeing domestic violence? The mentally ill? What if each one of us and every single person we came across could be lifted up with the kind of community and love I’ve witnessed?

Community. Kind of wild isn’t it? It all comes down to connection.  It is why my tagline is (in part) “Growing food, family and connection. Resisting evil where I find it.”   I believe in the power of community.

Dwell for a bit in the possibility of community.  Create connection. And hug your loved ones.

jesse & esmeralda- polish rooster chicks sunflower

I’d love to tell you about a few other auctions that I think are great while I’m here telling you about Jennie.  Don’t stop with them though. There are so many. More added all the time!

  • Sean from Hedonia & Punk Domestics rounded up some AMAZING wine.  Fancy-schmancy kick ass wine. Go, drink and be merry.
  • Kaela from Local Kitchen is donating some of her rock star labels. Sigh. I covet these as much as the contents of the jars. They are gorgeous.
  • Stacy from Seattle Seedling is not only a gardener, but a mosaic artist and had donated a sushi mosaic.  Ya’ll are a talented bunch I tell you!

If you are twitter, you can follow along here. Keep tabs on the auctions at Bloggers Without Borders as items are continuing to be added.  And certainly hop on over to Snowflake Kitchen  and bid on her auction so I can send you some jam!

grow and resist august mid month meanderings sunflower

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3 Responses to A Fund for Jennie (and the Power of Community)

  1. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Meg! I’m working on another sushi mosaic as we speak (taking a mini-break) for someone that asked if I would make one more for her too! So this one is “For Mikey.” Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, by the way. And so was this post.

  2. Travel Dad says:

    That was a beautiful post Meg! Believe me, every person’s community, which I think is made up from people you encounter along life’s path, is what helps a person get through a tragedy, illness, even those times as you move into the next stage of life (children leaving for college etc.) or as you are finding out a new venture. It has been absolutely humbling to us to see how the people in our “community” have reached out to us throughout Dad’s illness. It is true that saying “No man is an island.” (I can’t give credit to who said that first – I have no clue!)

  3. elspeth says:

    The need to actively and continually create those connections never ends, and it’s always inspiring to hear of others stepping up and creating community for those in need. Although I live in an intentional community, I still need to stop and think about it from time to time. It’s hard to remember in the day-to-day life, and often seems to take some sort of crisis to really bring us all together.

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