Edible Garden Tour: Year 2

It is that time again!  The Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle is hosting their 4th Annual West Seattle Edible Garden Tour!

grow and resist CHSWS edible garden tour

Official logo of the Edible Garden Tour

New this year is the grand opening of the Community Orchard of West Seattle.  This hardworking group has transformed a previously unused space into a permaculture inspired orchard for local food security and community education.

If you are curious about edible gardening, need inspiration or just like nosin’ around in people’s gardens (and let’s be honest…who doesn’t??) come!

The event is partnered with Seattle Tilth’s Chicken Coop Tour (happening the same day) so that you can see all the area’s edible gardens and chicken coops that on tour that day. Great if you want to stay in the area!  You won’t regret staying in the area as you will see a a great variety of edible landscaping and urban livestock.  Up for a bike ride around the penisula anyone?

Tickets are available for $5 members, $8 non members or $12 for both edible gardens and coops. You can get tickets day of at the Community Orchard (South Seattle Community College North Entrance, 6000 16th Ave SW, Seattle WA) or online.

Come on out- we’d love to see you!

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5 Responses to Edible Garden Tour: Year 2

  1. Traveling Mommy says:

    We’d love to be there – next year!! I love the logo of the tour. I bet your yard is looking good!

  2. Green Bean says:

    Sounds like such fun. I wish we had one here but of course, even if we did, the logo wouldn’t be as AWESOME as that one!

  3. It is a pretty awesome logo isn’t it? I wonder who did it? I’ll have to find out!

  4. Steph F. says:

    Seattle gets more and more appealing as a potential home base the more awesome Seattle blogs I read, and this one is no exception! The “patio” garden we have here in San Diego doesn’t really cut it.

    I have a question about one of your older posts about your garden, just out of sheer curiosity and love of asparagus. When the asparagus grows to crazy heights like in one of your photos, can you still eat it? Or can you only eat it when it just starts to sprout and is low to the ground? I didn’t even know it could get that tall!

    • Hi-thanks! I didn’t believe it got so tall and fern-y either at first. You are right- you harvest it when it is about the height you normally eat when it is tender. You can harvest longer each year before letting it grow out. That is when it gets energy for next spring.

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