Tidbits from the Road: In Iowa

I got a new phone. A smartypants phone. I am just getting used to it and playing around with the camera. Like I need another distraction.

grow and resist nasturiums in vintage tin

Yes, playing with the camera is fun. Fun indeed!

New phone aside, I am still here. Not here Seattle-here per se. I’m actually in Iowa. Indulge me in both some random camera play and iconic Iowa City.  I went to college in Iowa City and the place tugs at my heart.  I rowed. I came out as a queerlady. I fell in love for the first time. I lived in a wacky historic place, Gaslight Village, for a bit. I sang a lot of embarrassing (drunken) renditions of this. I played rugby (very poorly). I drank cheap beer (dime draws anyone?).  Iowa City was a refuge.

grow and resist Iowa City Iowa River

The lovely Iowa River. I used to row here. In my gladiating days.

grow and resist Iowa City Englert Theater

The downtown historic Englert Theatre

But I doubt you are reading this for a trip down my personal memory lane though.  Right?

I am in Iowa because of Shitty Year 2011. In which we try to get my dad a new liver. (We are getting better news here by the way!)

I thought I’d finally get around to introducing you to the new chickens once and for all. Except I only have passable pictures of some of them and I want to introduce them in proper-only-just-shy-of-the-red-carpet fashion.  My wacky chicken lady self demands it.  You can check out their very first photo shoot here.

grow and resist buff orpington chickens

But I will show you a picture of the Annies. Hi Annies! As an aside, don't chicken have freaky feet?

I could tell you about what I’ve been cooking. But that is essentially variations of grilled cheese sandwiches on store-bought bread. But, please, don’t make me go there.  Don’t get me wrong though- those sandwiches are intensely awesome. Chock full of pickled walla-walla onions. Or chutney. Or relish.  But I don’t want to write about that. I did just pickle all of our garlic scapes before heading out-of-town.

grow and resist quick pickled walla walla sweet onions

I did pickle the onions from our garden though. And they were good. Are good.

I’d tell you about Kate’s party, but Stacy did such a nice review I’ll just direct you there!  I will tell you it was a really nice evening and I met some wonderful people!   The Babylady was at the party and upon seeing people setting out food items, ran to the garden to pick strawberries, not-quite-ripe-yet snap peas and put them in a bowl (complete with cauliflower leave garnish) to share.  Not to be outdone she then grabbed her camera and took pictures of the various food offerings. Oh be still my food-garden-photo geek heart.

I’m going to tell you about expanding the coop and adding a large run/aviary. But it isn’t done. I am, however, covered in random bruises and a seemingly endless array of wire scratches.  And 3 pairs of shoes with embedded chicken poop that I am willing to spontaneously clean themselves. So there is that.

I returned to (paid) work after a really long (& lovely) time off recovering from initially wrist surgery and then a herniated disc. I super-duper don’t want to talk about my return to work.

Other than that I’ve worked to get ready for the West Seattle Edible Garden Tour, which takes place Saturday July 9th.  If you are local, I hope you will stop by!   It is a fantastic event and great tour!  I am so excited for us to participate again this summer.  You will also get a chance to see the new Community Orchard at South Seattle Community College as part of the tour.

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7 Responses to Tidbits from the Road: In Iowa

  1. Amy Sirk says:

    Iowa City is a place I’ll never forget. We lived there when I was in Jr High and I returned to go to college. I loooove that town. Almost moved there instead of here. Enjoy your time there. Wish I were there, too.

  2. Thanks Amy! I love IC too. It always feels like home being there and I frequently try to think about what it would like to live there later in my life. (Where did you end up?)

  3. Brooke - in Oregon says:

    I need to pull up my walla walla’s and get them pickled, any good suggestions on a recipe?

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  5. Marilyn says:

    I love Iowa City so much I had a baby there. If I ever move back to Iowa, I am going to Iowa City.

    Great photos by the way.

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