June Mid-Month Meanderings II

I’ve just plain lost track of time. Perhaps it is from being off work for a while. Or maybe it is just that it still doesn’t feel like June.  I know.  I complained about it last year too.  I guess I should get over it and accept that a) I live in Seattle, b) climate change means gardening is changing and c) I will likely never have tomatoes like I did 3 years ago.

But we have strawberries.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings strawberry

Strawberries. Luscious, ripe and juicy. Last year's obstacle: get the Babylady to stop picking the green ones. This year's challenge: pick some ripe berries before she does.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings onion

I would grow onions and alliums even if I didn't eat them. I like they way they look. The blue flowers in the background are borage.

Before we go on I need to remind you that winter/spring was pretty crappy around here. My dad got suddenly ill and I was a wreck. My mind was most definitely not on the garden and the planting was puzzling at best.  I forgot to plant kale. I planted cauliflower as if it were a space efficient veggie to grow in the northwest (which it is not). I forgot to water tomato starts. I planted some things really late. Others too early.  I took incredibly detailed (and random) notes followed by a lot of planting without labeling or any note-taking.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings hot peppers jalapeno

The question every year: Will there be peppers? It seems we'll get at least a few this year. I bought pepper starts this year because I forgot to start the seeds. Or I should say, I did start them. But not in a manner one would if they actually intended them to grow.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings cabbage

Cabbage. I planted a lot of cabbage this year. Apparently my indoor seed starting was heavy on the Brassicas. Or very heavy on some of them (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli) and forgetful of others (kale).

grow and resist june mid month meanderings peas

Oh sad, sad, sad little June peas. Your cute. But it is June. And the Babylady is already trying to pick you. So speed it up.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings columnar apples

Lots of fruit set even though I moved it this spring! Yay! I love the apples on this tree-sweet and crisp!

grow and resist june mid month meanderings carrots

I also planted carrots. Everywhere. More carrots than I've ever planted. I am guessing that the days I planted carrots were the days I chose to take notes. And apparently I planted a shit ton of carrots. I'm almost glad they didn't all germinate or I wouldn't have space for anything else. Just a giant carrot crop.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings garden

Lovage, asparagus, a new plum, berries, apples, rhubarb. Flowers. It is a hot mess in there. And that is just in the front area.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings rhubarb

Yep, it is really in there! Hi rhubarb!

grow and resist june mid month meanderings garden

Looking the other way. Ok, this was again- the time of a Bad Head Space. I tossed a bunch (think multiple packets...) of perennial flowers for bees and butterflies in the bed. I planted new berries on the right side (2 tayberries, a marionberry and a boysenberry). In the front are 2 columnar apples. In the back is a new Italian plum. The left edge has onions. The middle also has rhubarb. The front has strawberries. I really have no idea how it is going to work out other than a flowery, fruity, edible, buzzed and birded up jungle. I'm ok with that.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings garden

Need further evidence of my scattered approach to 2011 spring garden planning? This is the adjacent bed. Loaded on the far end...pretty empty in the middle. Anyway- that is another plum at the end there surrounded by strawberries, herbs (oregano, thyme, chives) and lavender. Cabbage and carrots nearby. I'm filling up that empty spot with cucumbers. And I *think* some zucchini. I honestly can't remember and then the chickens escaped and scratched a lot of it out anyway. So we'll see what pops up after I re-seeded!

grow and resist june mid month meanderings hollywood plum

That plum tree has produced our first plum! It is a Hollywood Plum.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings blueberries

The Blueberries are coming! I can't wait! I love, love, love blueberries.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings ladybug

Woot! Lucky Ladybug on the Honeycrisp apple tree!

grow and resist june mid month meanderings ladybug

TWO ladybugs!

grow and resist june mid month meanderings honeycrisp apple and aphids

Little honeycrisp apple... and aphids. ARGH. Hence, the influx of ladybugs.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings ladybug

And another ladybug. I counted 8 just in that section. I guess that is good. The ladybugs will work on those aphids. But still...Boo.

grow and resist june mid month meanderings columbine

pretty columbine flowers by the patio

grow and resist june mid month meanderings bachelor button and bee

Happy bee in the bachelor buttons. Isn't that bee amazing?!

That is it for June Mid-Month Meanderings!

We’ll be on the West Seattle Edible Garden Tour again July 9th so hope for some sun and heat to get summer crops going.  And stay tuned for more details about the tour!

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7 Responses to June Mid-Month Meanderings II

  1. Shae says:

    Hi, rhubarb! Meg, don’t you think people who spend time with a garden will be some of the very first to notice the effects of climate change? (Why, here, has it started raining in June?) Also, I am with you on the random note taking thing. I had such good intentions for my garden journal this year, and I just haven’t taken the time to keep it up. Boo! I love this month’s meandering, though. It made me laugh out loud in a coupla places, and also go — Wow! I want to plant more. I love how you throw all kinds of things in together. And I want to try onions!

  2. Green Bean says:

    Well, if it is any consolation, my peas look the same and my peppers don’t look half as good! I too so love borage. We never really do anything with it but I love how it reseeds itself and attracts the bees like mad.

  3. Inder says:

    I would love a “flowery, fruity, edible, buzzed and birded up jungle.”
    My garden is way behind yours, but I still have high hopes.
    All of the talk of global warming has me jumpy too, but I also keep thinking, well, could just be a weird year, right? Hm.

  4. Stacy says:

    Oh my goodness, you have red strawberries already?!?!? And your borage is blooming?? Just goes to show how different things are in everyone’s little backyard microclimate, right? I’ve got borage buds, which look like they’ll bloom soon and unripe, green strawberries. But wow, that red one already! Nice. 🙂

  5. Memaw Elise says:

    Wow, Meg, knowing all that you have had on your mind I think your garden is amazing! I know I love to walk through it and look at everything. Hopefully there will be some strawberries when we get there next. You’ve done a great job! Love, Memaw Elise

  6. Would love to see you int he spice rack challenge in July!

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