Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking: Review and Book Giveaway!

On Friday I gave you a promise.  It looked like this:

hip girls guide to homemaking + kate payne + book review + grow and resist


The blogger?  Kate Payne. The blog and book : Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking.

I met Kate via her blog last year participating in the Can Jam. Right away her blog intrigued me.  Bastion of canning, homemaking, cooking gluten-free and living sustainably and beautifully while on a budget.  And she keeps it real.  Which I super appreciate.  Information and inspiration is nice…but useless unless it translates to real life.   Because my life is a bit like this: “Sure those custom built-in bookshelves are lovely, as is that $700 lamp and I-don’t-want-to-know-how-expensive rug…but I’m gonna go to collections because of a $55 contact lens fitting and a parking ticket…so I’m pretty sure I’ll have to pass.”

None of that out-of-touchness from Kate. She is individuality, style, self-sufficiency firmly rooted in reality. A beautiful reality with plenty of pizzazz.

But on with the book. The Hip Girl’s Guide is chock full of information, tidbits, inspiration, tips.   And it is presented in a readable, accessible of-course-I-can-do-it-too sort of way.   The most awesome thing though is how Kate’s voice, her humor, her sassiness, her down-to-earth (yet flashy) style shines through on every page, making the book not only useful, but a delightful (dare I say charming?) read.

The book is divided into 3 parts: Room-by-Room Guide to the Homey House, Impressive Acts of Domesticity and Life After Restaurants.   Each section is broken down into manageable bits that include a run through the entire house, how-to skills of day-to-living and cooking/entertaining.  And fantastic illustrations!  Would you like a sneak preview of the inside?  Check it out here.

It even includes a bit on “how to fold a fitted sheet without going insane.” Now that is a tip I can get behind.  Because I have never done it. I don’t even try. There is a video if you can’t wait to get your copy of the book.

I officially used so many sticky notes to mark things I wanted to refer back to that I rendered the concept useless. (I also realized that using sticky anything around a 3-year-old doesn’t work anyway. If it is sticky, it must be a sticker and therefore must be moved to somewhere, anywhere, else. Hair. Walls. Fingertips. Onto random bits of paper that you should NEVER dain to recycle. Just warning. There could be tears.)

In a section about cleaning a fact that stuck with is “that there are 82,000 chemicals in use in the United States, with 700 new ones added each year. Of these 82,000, only 650 are monitored through the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory and only 200 have ever been tested for toxicity.”  Does that freak you out? It should.   “By subjecting ourselves to things that haven’t been proven safe in long-term studies we’re increasing risk factors for developing cancer, autism, asthma, infertility, miscarriages, behavioral disorders, and even obesity.”  Ed.note: Additionally, few of these have been tested in the combinations we are exposed to over the long-term.  I’m still on oncology nurse. Listen to me. All the crap out there adds up to horrific and heartbreaking end results.

Kate clearly lays out what those mystery ingredients are.  Maybe you already know. But I didn’t. Sodium hydroxide? That is lye. Sodium hypochlorite? That is chlorine bleach.

I could go on and on…but really, I want to say: I simply love this book. And you will too!    How would you like a chance to win a copy?  The nice folks at Harper Collins sent me my advance copy and will send you one too.  (*Note, that is right, I didn’t buy my copy. But all the opinions are my own. And I’m going to buy copies for people I know.  Graduation time is perfect! )

To enter to win:  Leave a comment by Friday, June 10th a midnight PST.  Please leave comments on blog–it will be easier to randomly select winner if the comments are in one place! Thanks! Open to U.S. readers only.  Tell me one (or all) of the following:

  1. What makes your living space feel like your home? What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space?
  2. What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget?
  3. Why do you want to win?
  4. How do you like to entertain on a budget?

See? I gave you so many options in comment-leaving!   Answer what shouts out to you and leave that comment by Friday, June 10th a midnight PST.  I’ll pick the winner randomly…but I’ll probably highlight some great answers!

Oh, and if you haven’t already you should pop on over and “like” Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking on facebook.   (And, shamelessly, if you are already on facebook…you might as well pop over and “like” Grow and Resist while you are at it.)  It won’t increase your chances of winning but community is a good thing.

And lastly- stay tuned for information about a cocktail party at our home in conjunction with Kate’s visit to Seattle for book signing at Elliott Bay Bookstore.  It will be June 25th from 5-7pm and limited to 20 people.  More sign-up info coming as soon as I can get it together.

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65 Responses to Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking: Review and Book Giveaway!

  1. Emmy says:

    Sounds like a great book and I need Lots of help.

  2. My living space feels like home because as I destroy the kitchen to can countless goodies, the dog is always a step behind to pick up crumbs and the boy follows after that picking up after me (and raving over how delicious my cooking is). Sigh, I live the good life.

    I decorate using flowers from the garden (mostly natives) and cool things I can pick up second hand. Some of the best stuff I have came from garage sales!

    I want to win because I’ve read so much about this book and can’t believe I don’t have it yet. Plus, someday I hope to carry it in my store!

    It’s shocking how inexpensive my grocery bill is (even buying mostly organics) because I no longer buy processed food. If you buy all veggies and grains with just a little meat, you can still have all the best stuff at affordable prices. I’ve also learned how to cook beans (like Indian dal) in a way where my friends are blown away. Beans are so affordable and really delicious if you learn to cook them correctly. YUM!

  3. Mary says:

    1.What makes your living space feel like your home? Garden, books and stock simmering away.

    2.What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Reduce, reuse, recycle

    3.Why do you want to win? I am decorating handicapped

    4.How do you like to entertain on a budget? Potluck!

  4. Lise says:

    Thanks for the review and the chance to win. I have a niece graduating this month; this would be a great gift.

  5. Joanie White says:

    My house is most like a home when my kid’s are sitting around the table eating a healthy, sometimes homegrown meal. They are 12 and 16 now so I treasure every moment we get to just sit and talk because growning up is going so fast!
    The book sounds awesome- humour, advice, and it looks cute too! I’ve been waiting for it to be published for awhile now.
    I like to entertain outside with simple delicious recipes and a view of my little herb garden. I love to teach people that healthy food can be amazing!

  6. Yvonne says:

    1.What makes your living space feel like your home? What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space? I enjoy herlooms. I want the things I display in our home to have a history. IE My great great grandmother’s piano, family photos, a trinket from a trip we took and so on. Sure I have some display items just because they look cool but my other senseabilities don’t lend well to an all white scupltured decore or a $200 lamp shade.
    2.What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Repurpose! I LOVE to take things intended for one usuage and after they are ready to retire from said occupation giving them a new life!
    3.Why do you want to win? My husband and I were married in March of 2009 and in 2010 we bought our first home. It is quite the challenge blending two households into a cohesive home! This looks like an excellent, down to earth, reference book I could get a lot of use out of!
    4.How do you like to entertain on a budget? deligation and apprication. We and our friends take turns hosting game or movie nights. Typically the host home takes care of the main course and we fill in the rest or bring snacks and drinks.

  7. KJS says:

    my living space feels like home because of the people who have helped build it – the plants from han and kev, the paintings from holly and em, the soaps from the S.R.s. it is friends and family who have made our little apartment home.

  8. jess s says:

    entertaining on a budget=the mandatory Lesbian Potluck ™. I can admit that I used to mock it, until I realized it’s a cost-effective way to see your friends more often.

  9. Grace says:

    Charming Post!

    1. What makes your living space feel like your home?
    Lots of books. I recently moved them all out to the living room to see them better.

    2. What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget?
    Dust Bunnies go with everything

    3. Why do you want to win?
    Because I can’t wait to read the book

    4. How do you like to entertain on a budget?
    Lots of food, forget the rest. Pie goes with everything.

  10. Jenn says:

    I still have a giant bookcase that was in my room growing up…I love that it’s still functional and holds all of my treasured books!

  11. Aylia Powell says:

    I’d LOVE to win! I am currently in the process of becoming a homemaker/more self-sufficient, and can definitely use all the information and tips I can get my hands on! Plus I hear it’s a GREAT book! :]

  12. Gina G. says:

    I just had to return this to the library and I would LOVE to own my own copy!!!

  13. Inder says:

    1. What makes your living space feel like your home? Dogs. Lots of dogs.

    2. What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Decide that “thrift store chic” is your decorating style.

    3. Why do you want to win? Because I have no money?

    4. How do you like to entertain on a budget? Grocery Outlet.

  14. Meg says:

    I really want this book. I need some homemaking tips. I hold my own in the kitchen but I could use help in other areas. Forget the fitted sheet… teach me how to fold a regular one 🙂

  15. Steph says:

    My two yr old daughter was my 40th bday present, she is my one and only. We do heirloom/organic gardening so our home is not complete without a little dirt 🙂 we love finding used books for our ever growing collection…kirbie loves the pics of plants and food as I read to her. It would be awesome to win since she and I do love our books and are always tinkering away at something around the house. We coupon so use papers for seedling pots and for weedblock in the garden. It’s fun to watch her, at her age, already know we try to reuse/recycle as much as possible and come up with what she thinks will help.

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  17. Jennifer K. says:

    I have read so much about this book I would love to own a copy….sounds like she is a kindred spirit :0)

    As far as what makes our house a home….is my family (DH & 3 children)….without them it would just be a house. We built our home in 2009 and have been working hard ever since to get it how we want it….planting fruit trees and blueberries, 3 gardens, a chicken coop, flower beds….mainly given to us :0) We repurpose as much as we can and are trying to become as self-sufficient as possible. My guess is probably good that this book would give us a few good pointers!

  18. Molly says:

    My apartment feels like home because my amazing dog lives here. When I get home at the end of a stressful day at work, my dog’s happy face is the best thing in the world.

  19. Sara says:

    I want to win because I have two little boys that are only eating more and more, my house is in desperate need of sprucing up (see reference re: two little boys) and I would love to be economical about it (especially as it’s likely to be destroyed by said two little boys in due course). Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  20. Mary Fehrenbacher says:

    I found your site through The Hip Girls Guide on Facebook. I must say, I have been intrigued by Ms. Payne’s book since I discovered her page. I of course haven’t made yhe purchase yet as I wasn’t sure if it would give me what I was looking for. So, here is why I would love a copy of her book. I am 51 years young and have been given a second chance on life. Long story there. 🙂 needless to say, I am making radical and drastic changes in my life. It’s going to be a slow process, but I feel that there are so many tips and ideas in her book that will be a help to me on my journey. I was blown away by the chemical bit. My mouth is still agape!
    I look forward to following both pages and leading a fuller and more healthy life!

  21. Paula says:

    For me, “on a budget” means “ask friends”. I abruptly moved out of my old place and into an adorable carriage house ( I call it my dollhouse!) without many things to my name. It turns out one friend was replacing her super comfy, single-bed sized couch. Another was moving and discovered a trove of kitchen tools. A third works for a linen company and has bags and bags of curtains, some of which somehow are the same pattern as the comforter someone else gave me! And they’re all very glad to re-purpose their things.

    Even before I had a bed or had unpacked my books, my new place felt like my space because of the plants that moved with me- begonias and dragon palms and a plumeria that I accidentally cracked in half and now have 2 of! I also had a rosemary I was overwintering inside, and a lemon verbena, and lemon-scented geraniums. When I come home and see green, I know I’m really home.

  22. Rebecca Edmondson says:

    1.What makes your living space feel like your home? What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space?
    My husband am I decorate eclectic. Our home is a collection of art, rocks, shells, tiny birds, books, Buddhas with some furniture thrown in for comfort. As much as it pains us, we are our things. We do ascribe to Thoreau’s idea (I think it was Thoreau) that said “you carry all that you own on your back.” We have whittled down and garage sale… and believe we are down to the bare minimal. But I love my little tidbits. They make me feel cozy.

    2.What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? I do everything on a budget! But I would have to say, think outside the box. Figure out how to repurpose and reuse something to make it more your own. It doesn’t have to be new to be new to you!

    3.Why do you want to win? Because I’ve had a really crappy year, and winning something would be nice.

    4.How do you like to entertain on a budget?
    I’m VERY frugal. I shop at stores that have lovely things for the less than “lovely prices.” I plan. I look for things ahead of time. I might buy something for a party I’m not having for sometime, because it was on sale. I allow myself to be inspired by the deals that I find around me.

  23. Oh my goodness, that fitted sheet-folding video was mind-blowing enlightenment! A few weeks ago, I found myself in the unenviable position of needing to fold at least eight of them…and not of the twin size variety. If only I had happened across the video before then. However, I will take on all future fitted-sheet-folding projects with complete fearlessness now. Hugs to Kate for sharing!

    So..my favorite decorating and DIY tip is completely non-specific, and can be fruitful for any variety of occasions, whether you’re looking for interesting fabric for a sewing project or glass containers for special-occasion centerpiece-making. And it fits in three words: Local thrift stores. The trick is to make a pass through your favorite store every week or two, keep an open mind, think creatively, and plan in advance…because you never know what you might find! :o) My current thrift project? Piecing together a windowsill collection of rainbow-colored glass vases for propagating cuttings from my garden and the gardens of friends!

  24. Grace says:

    What makes my house a home is making each area feel cozy and welcoming but avoiding clutter. I have to do this on a budget, so I shop carefully for just the right accents. I usually buy at antique stores or yard sales. I especially love to re-purpose old things that were once useful and which can now be appreciated as objects of beauty and can also stand as symbols of the hopes and dreams we have for our future. A nesting box, for instance, can be just beautiful when cleaned up and accessorized (without going overboard). It also helps me keep my eye on my goal to have chickens some day.

  25. Kristi says:

    3 kiddos, their creations, messes and vases and more vases of child-picked wildflowers make my house a home.

  26. Angela Watts says:

    My living space feels like home (enough) because I can look around and remember having to paint the kitchen from the blinding yellow to the perfect shade of tawny brown, painting the living room and bedroom to the perfect off shade of silvery grey and finding enough curtains and curtain rods to cover the windows in coordinating colors (but lined to keep the cold out somewhat). Outside the window is the perennial garden and grass lawn we put in last year. So while its not our forever home its homely enough to work out.

  27. Katie says:

    The reason I want to win is that my home is currently overcluttered, unruly, and uncomfortably stuffed, which makes me feel horribly overwhelmed whenever I walk through the door. I’m looking to simplify my space and I’ve followed Kate’s blog for a while now with total admiration. Her brand of homemaking is exactly the vibe I want for my space (and my life)!

  28. Sweet. I’m in.

    What makes your living space feel like your home? My kitchen. It’s big and 90% of our living takes place there.
    What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space? Cast iron skillets. I can cook anything in them and they double as a blunt object in the event an intruder tried to steal my eggs.
    What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Dude, I blew 2 large on my chicken coop, I am SO the wrong person to ask. Actually, maybe not: I’d say my biggest tip for budget ANYTHING is figure out what you actually value and prioritize. That coop was important to me, lots of new clothes and $80 haircuts aren’t. So I spend on what I value and I’m a cheap ass no spend miser on things I don’t value. Not decorating specific, I know, but I think applicable.
    Why do you want to win? This book looks great, I’ve been hearing about it for awhile & I’d love to add it to the reference collection.
    How do you like to entertain on a budget? Braise. Learn to braise, you can turn the cheap-ass cuts of meat into heaven on a plate. When your guests offer to bring something, say YES! Tell them they can bring the wine.

  29. Leah Johnson says:

    Well first of all we have recently moved and we have yet to paint and really make the house feel like ours. So, I really need to get going on that to make it feel more like home.

    Learn to sew is a great tip – I can dress up a window on a budget by buying the fabric versus buying the curtains/drapes. I recently saved a bundle by buying blackout lining at a fabric store and adding to curtains instead of buying thermal blackout curtains.

    I love these kind of books – sounds like great tips and information.

    Buy in season and make your own platters. It could be easy and time saving to purchase meat or fruit platters, but so much cheaper to do your own and you can put as much or little as you want on it. There’s nothing wrong with asking people to bring a side, dessert, or drink.

  30. lissinnLisa says:

    I want to win because I don’t have any good answers for the other 3 questions and I need some!

  31. Tamara says:

    I would love to win as I am trying to change our lifestyle and become more self-sustainable in what we eat and use and grow. We have chickens, turkeys, goats and a pig right now and are contemplating rabbits. I absolutely love to read and this book looks fabulous! My house feels like home when the kids are arguing with each other (what’s new there huh?!), dinner is cooking on the stove and my husband comes home from work.

  32. Kristin says:

    1. Cozy seating, surrounded by people I love.

    2. pass

    3. Clearance!!

    4. I need major organizational and inspirational help!

  33. Elizabeth F says:

    My house feels like a home when I see the everyday items around and about, like the cases of canning jars lined up against the wall as canning season starts. When the children want to sit around the kitchen table with me and sometimes even help with a project (21,23 and 26). When the house smells like you’d want to eat it…all warm and cinnamony and good.

    My favorite decorating is to be able to use items with sentimental value, like my grandmother’s dishes, or my mother’s old soup kettle or putting out the afghan that a retired teacher friend crocheted, as the weather gets colder.

    I’d like to win because I could use a book to fill the empty spots where my middle daughter has borrowed all my Rodale books and my self-sufficiency books from the 70’s and my Foxfire books and my vegetarian cookbooks and my Victory Garden garden books…etc, etc, etc for her own house. And if I win I will not tell her until I have a chance to read it myself first.

    We entertain on a budget by, first, I like to choose a type of food…maybe Italian, maybe Greek, then I find a number of recipes and start planning. I invite people and they all bring a dish and everyone gets in the fun of trying to do a dish in the chosen style, or not. But we have fun and it all tastes good together. We put on music, either that we have (Putamaya carries lots of great CDs) or that we check out of library. Sometimes it is just a big old American style cookout with a campfire and s’mores. My next theme is Moroccan…I just found some great recipes on another blog!

  34. 1.What makes your living space feel like your home? For me, it is surrounding myself with photos of those I love as well as letting certain rooms reflect places I love to spend time in. We have a room that is inspired by New England (where my husband grew up) that has a hand-crafted bowl from our trip to Plymouth Plantation and another room that is beach inspired that I have filled with pictures of loved ones on the beach as well as shells and sand dollars collected on trips. These things, along with my kids, let me travel spiritually back in time and to favorite places spent with loved ones.
    2.What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Keep only things that you LOVE and let your children/family/friends provide artwork for walls. Picture collages of great trips or people you love as well as hand-crafted paintings can add a sense of belonging and place.
    3.Why do you want to win? I am excited to learn more about what Kate has to share that will help me learn to live more simply and authentically as well as learn how to pickle/can and otherwise utilize the fruit/veggies/herbs from my garden.
    4.How do you like to entertain on a budget? Play games in groups (Scrabble or card games)…or have a simple backyard potluck BBQ w/ neighbors.

  35. Eileen says:

    My living space feels like home once the kitchen is put together. Having moved 8 times in the last 8 years, one of the things that makes a new place feel like home is being able too cook in it. That and familiar object, or art. It is just ‘stuff’ but it still does make a difference.
    I like to decorate with my own photography, or second-hand things.
    I want to win because I have been wanting this book for a while.
    Entertaining doesn’t have to be costly. I like the idea of potlucks, where everybody contributes so the burden of cooking doesn’t fall on any one person.

    Thanks for the chance to win, and I’m totally interested in your cocktail party on the 25th 🙂

  36. Margy says:

    What makes your living space feel like your home? My kids and the constant flow through our home. Having dear people come over for meals.
    What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Wooden fruit crates make great bookshelves, stacked in interesting ways, you can fill a wall with books of all sizes. I found dozens of them at a neighbor’s yard sale for less than $20 total. Also half gallon jars with dried beans, split peas, popcorn, etc… make pretty and functional decorations.
    Why do you want to win? I’ve read a lot about this book in the blog world connected to Tigress’ Can Jam. I think I’m a lot like Kate… but older 🙂
    How do you like to entertain on a budget? I make real food, from local and/or basic ingredients. I collected cups, plates, bowls, and utensils from thrift stores that can be washed and re-used.

  37. Amanda Collins says:

    My home is my special space becuase it is where all the love happens. Decorating is not my strong point. So it is mostly kids things everywhere. I would love to learn how to decorate on a budget. Clenaing on a budget – ammonia, doens’t smell so nice, but it CLEANS (just about anything & everything). I want to win because I could really use some helpful tips & hints. I usually don’t entertain, we usually go to someone’s elses home and I bring homemade food. Desserts are my favorite to make, people usually cannot wait to see what new creation I have coem up with.

  38. Maura says:

    I want to win because I think this sounds like an awesome book!
    My favorite entertaining tip is to keep the spice and nut mix Dukkah in the house. We ate some while wine tasting in New Zealand on our honeymoon and it is so simple, elegant and easy. Hazelnuts, pistachios, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper in the food processor. Then add toasted sesame seeds. With a little bit of olive oil and a baguette you have an yummy starter that keeps in the pantry ready to use at a moments notice. It’s a bit exotic and totally addictive. My 2 and 3 year old children love helping me make it and can’t get enough to eat!

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  40. Yart says:

    I love using hand me downs to decorate with… Or yard sale items… a little bit of paint can go a long way to rehabing an item.

  41. Judy Workman says:

    I want to win because I cannot afford to buy all the books I would like to have! My home feels like home because it is full of things I love, things that mean something to me. I try not to be a shopper/consumer and like to be surrounded by what I love, including people.

  42. allyincali1 says:

    1.What makes your living space feel like your home? What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space? Photos. They remind me of the people and places who make me who I am.
    2.What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Ball Canning Jars. I use them for everything- drinking glasses, to hold paperclips and bobby pins, even as a flower vase.
    3.Why do you want to win? I need a new summer read and your write-up made the book sound interesting.
    4.How do you like to entertain on a budget? Wine/potluck party. Everyone brings a wine or a dish a viola! a party on a shoestring budget!

  43. What makes your living space feel like your home? What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space?

    my house feels like home because of the things in it. We lost a lot of our belongings recently in a flood that took over our storage space when we were between houses. since then we have had to start re-collecting memories.
    we don’t own any fancy name brand furniture or home decor. we find things at second hand stores and yardsales and wash them and paint them and make them our own.

    i’ve been dying to read this book and would love to win!

  44. Gayle J says:

    My house feels like home when it has pictures of family and events in mine and my families life. Things that my children made, things that I made and used in the home I lived in for 24 yrs. with my late husband and things that Ive had or made with my new husband and his family. Memories… past,present and future!

  45. jennabee says:

    What makes your living space feel like your home? What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space? – my interior paint colors, my daughter’s art hung *everywhere,* my various vintage pieces, and my big, heavy wooden dining table.
    What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? – paint! it works wonders. flea markets, fabrics, and rearranging. sometimes moving things around really gives spaces a fresh spin.
    Why do you want to win? – because i want the book!
    How do you like to entertain on a budget? – i ask friends to bring wine if i’m serving wine, i serve egg dishes (quiches, etc.) because they are less expensive than other animal proteins, and i have brunches.

  46. 1. What makes your living space feel like your home? What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space? I like my living space to feel cozy and inviting. . . I live in an apartment where I’m not allowed to do anything to the walls and such so I use fabrics a lot!
    2. What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Reuse! For example. . After you’re done with a can of sauce don’t just throw it away. . use it as a centerpiece with flowres of beans. . or put your paint brushes in it!
    3. Why do you want to win? I’ve always wanted to learn how to can, but never have had anyone to teach me, and this book would help!
    4. How do you like to entertain on a budget? Use the outdoors! Buy some burgers or mushrooms to grill out and have everyone bring a dish to pass, or get a group of people together and play a game of soccer outside…if rainy I like to rent a movie everyone will like and make a bunch of different gourmet popcorns and just hang out.

  47. Tiffany Addington says:

    I want to win because I adore everything self sufficiency related and this book seems like the perfect birthday present for myself. =)

  48. amy bowen says:

    I’d love to win because I desperately need tips for being a better, cooler homemaker!

  49. Stacey Cram says:

    Home is … loud kiddos and a fridge. door full of their art and photos of them all around. They are the most beautiful art & artists I know.
    I would love to win so I can share it with my teenage daughter so she can learn that homemaking is a good thing not just a chore.
    As a southern girl, when I entertain there is barbque and sweet tea involved.

  50. Nicole says:

    Decorating on a budget = reuse reuse reuse! Sounds like a fantastic book. xo

  51. Leah Bond says:

    I would like to win because being a Housewife, I don’t get much discretionary income to spend on things like books.
    And this one interests me greatly. My bookishness is limited to the Public Library.

  52. Janine Vose says:

    This looks right up my alley!! Hope I win! I’m hip and I have a home!! haha!!

  53. bunkie68 says:

    Why do you want to win? – I am decorating-challenged and would love some good ideas on how to make my house more welcoming without blowing the budget!

  54. I’d love to win a copy of her book! My favorite budget DIY decorating tip is spray paint. You can spray paint just about anything to make it over or to make it fit your personality better. A can of spray paint is easy to use and will do wonders for just about anything.

  55. I decided I’d try my best to answer all of these questions.
    1.What makes your living space feel like your home?
    A. My daughter and my doggy, and a nice stack of books that I have hopeful dreams of finding the time to read, plus a pile of yarn for crocheting into something nifty.
    2.What thing(s) give you a sense of belonging with your space?
    A.the art work I choose to hang on my walls
    3.What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget?
    a. dumpster diving 😀 yard sales and thrift stores, go often and don’t be discouraged when you go for weeks and there is never anything you want, the one time there is that perfect score makes all the waiting worth, and never pay more than your original budget just because you love something, it will always make you feel guilty later.
    4.Why do you want to win?
    A. well I never win anything, ever. I am a single mama and anything that can help boost my inspiration for living within a budget and finding new ways to live as sustainable as possible would help out this peacefully poor family of me and my girl and the dog 🙂
    5.How do you like to entertain on a budget?
    A. I can’t figure that out, haha, see winning the book would help me out so much.

  56. Sue says:

    I grew up in a white house. Every wall of every room was a shade of white. I do not have one white wall anywhere. That makes if feel like my home. My books and music make it my space.
    What is your favorite tip for decorating or DIY on a budget? Keeping it simple. I don’t have much in the way of “decorations”.
    I have heard so much about this book, that I must have it.
    The mister and I buy lots of good stuff in bulk. We can, freeze, dry as much as we can when we can, so when we entertain, we have everything for a memorable dinner.

  57. Colleen says:

    My books, my art, my collections, my plants, my altar, but most of all my toddler son’s laugh make my house my home.

  58. tonya says:

    To entertain on a budget I like developing a loose theme and inviting my guests to bring food or drink that coordinates with the theme … it’s always fun to see how creative people can get!

  59. Stacy says:

    My house feels like a home because it reflects my personality and changes as I evolve. Right now, it’s farm house chic – bright whites and creams that are soft and warm with pops of bright colors like red, yellow, and blue via fun fabrics and carefully chosen kitchen accoutrements. My home is like me – the urban farmer with dirt under her nails and sassy red boots on her feet.

  60. Karen says:

    I want to win because I’ve heard a lot about this book and it sounds fabulous!

  61. Elle Ross says:

    I’m a big DIYer, but I don’t entertain nearly often enough, maybe if I have it it will inspire me to have more get togethers?

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