The Fabulousness of Polish Hens. Introducing Lady Guitar, the Second.

I was going to write a longer post today.

golden polish chick grow and resist

Instead I stopped by the Seattle Farm Co-op to get some goo to put on the pecked chick’s head that apparently “controls cannibalism” and other unsavory behaviors. Such as continue to peck a fellow chicks featherless scabby scalp.  Click here if you want to see a picture of that mess.  It is kind of gross. The giant scab fell off last night so it is looking smoother now.

Then I realized that a new Macrina Bakery had opened in SoDo. I had no idea it was there, but was hungry so popped in for coffee & a sandwich. Yum.

And then the forecast looked like this:  Next 10 days= Rain. 50’s.  Today was sunny and a whopping 61°F.   Naturally at 61° I immediately went outside in shorts, sandals, a sleeveless shirt and armed myself with my hori-hori (weeding knife) and got to work. I had some edging to install. Chickens to integrate. Clover lawn to lie on.

And apparently we have only had 27 dry days in 2011. Does that stat make you want to suck your thumb? It does me.  Really it isn’t the amount of rain that does you in, it is the consistency.

So instead I’m going to show off our new Polish chick.  She is a Golden Polish and she is stunning. And hysterical looking. She looks like a rock star. Or like she is wearing a (fake) fur coat with an incredible hood. Or like Tina Turner.

golden polish chick grow and resist

See what I mean?

Her name is Lady Guitar.  Actually, Lady Guitar II.  We had a Golden Polish chick last year that ended up being a rooster and he found a new home. We loved him. He was awesome. And quiet. Until he was the only roo left and began crowing nonstop. All day.

Polish hens actually aren’t from Poland. Really, why do they do this? And by ‘they’ I mean people who name things?  I think they deliberately try to mess with my head. The breed  actually originates from the Netherlands.   I first saw a polish hen on the Seattle Tilth Chicken Coop Toura few years back and had to have one. They just cracked me up and I had to learn more.

golden polish chick grow and resist

Checking out the garden for the first time

Incidently, if you are in the Seattle area and have an interest in gardening, urban farming, backyard animal raising, food justice or just looking at cool gardens definitely consider going. It is really fun, the gardens are fantastic and it is amazing to see how many ways people can urban farm!  We’ll miss it again this year because we’ll be on the West Seattle Edible Garden Tour (again! woot!) on the same day.

golden polish chick grow and resist

She looks lost.

Back to Polish hens.  They are said to be flighty, but it isn’t because they are a pain. They just can’t see so hot with that mess of feathers up top.  You know- they sometimes run into things. Or get spooked.  I find that charming.

They are reportedly not the greatest egg layers. But again. That hairstyle.  What you lose in egg production you make up for in laughs.   That being said Calypso, our year old hen,  produces 3-4 gorgeous smallish white eggs a week. So it isn’t that they are merely decorative.

golden polish chick grow and resist

I am in love with that head.

They can also be picked on.  I think it is jealousy of all that fabulousness in such a small 4½ pound bird but it is probably that they are easy prey with their bad vision and smaller stature. Our Calypso is the sweetest of our older gals- she is curious and engaged and no one pics on her.  So who knows.

golden polish chick grow and resist

Her coloring is awesome

They are a riot and I’ll always have 1 or 2 in our flock.  You can read more about Polish hens here.

More pics of Polish hens?  Of course!

white crested black polish hen grow and resist

You've met Calypso. She is 1.

golden polish chicken seattle 'lady guitar'

Lady Guitar I. She was a rooster and found a new home.

white crested black polish rooster chicks grow and resist

Esmeralda...what a beauty! Esmeralda was a rooster too. White Crested Black Polish

buff polish rooster chicks grow and resist

Jesse was a buff polish chick. Also a rooster. Sigh. A noisy roo at that.

white crested black polish chick grow and resist

Esmeralda, the rooster again.

polish baby chicks. white crested black and buff

Funny knobby headed babies! Jesse & Lady Guitar I at 4 days old

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10 Responses to The Fabulousness of Polish Hens. Introducing Lady Guitar, the Second.

  1. Christina says:

    I am in love. Lady Guitar II is a rockstar.

    This post made my day as we, in the chicken-curious club are sad today as the Mayor of the City of Albany, NY (and capital of NYS) vetoed the newly passed backyard chicken law 😦

    Personally I don’t live within the city limits anymore, but have many, many friends who worked hard to get this law passed. Very sad. Someday hopefully.

  2. Traveling Mommy says:

    We can’t wait to meet Lady Guitar !! That picture of the “scalped” chicken is pretty gross! – poor thing! You are such a good chicken ER nurse! See you soon!

  3. Memaw Elise says:

    Oh why did I look? That looks so painful!
    They are beautiful chickens though!

  4. Julia says:

    Meg, you take incredible pictures of your girls! Even the scalped baby pic is beautiful. How ever do you do it? Mine area always constantly moving!

    • Ah, thanks Julia! You are kind. I just take a zillion pics =) When I let the new ones out of the coop they seem a bit dumbstruck and don’t move much…at least for a few minutes!

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