Seeds, Berries and Chickens!

The weather in Seattle is dismal.  At best. I’ve got our seeds planted inside and outside anyhow, mostly adhering to my geeked out spreadsheet I made of the seeds we have.

I started a new tab “Garden 2011” if you are curious what is going on in the garden!  We added a few more berries this week which I am excited about!

There are more seeds to plant in the coming weeks and I’m once again out of heat mat and lighting space. Argh.

And, we will be getting our new chickens soon!   Someone else ordered them for us, but we will be getting 8 more chickens!  I can’t wait to see them. Pictures as soon as we bring the little fluff balls home!

I am planning on selling some plant starts locally as well if you are interested!

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2 Responses to Seeds, Berries and Chickens!

  1. Inder says:

    This year, I am actually RECORDING what I plant! Totally inspired by you. I don’t have a notebook, but I do have a Google Document dedicated to the topic. 🙂

  2. ohbriggsy says:

    can’t wait to see your new chicks! and i was inspired by your spread sheet making and made a little planting list with pen and paper. tonight we’re starting our seeds! can’t wait for summer, friend!

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