From Kombucha to Homesteading: Top 5 Posts of 2010

It’s good to look back from time to time. Don’t you think? Check where you have been and ponder where you are going. Take stock. Re-evaluate. Plan. All good stuff.

I’ve had a really fun time blogging and connecting with so many of you throughout the year.  If you haven’t dropped me a line or left a comment to introduce yourself, please do!

As a look in review, I give you the top read posts of the year.

Top 5 Grow & Resist Posts of 2010

5) Kombucha! Gotcha! In which I begin to brew kombucha, complete with the scary looking SCOBY close-ups!   In the end I didn’t like how the kombucha tasted so I set it aside for a while.  I discovered much later on a second taste that I loved it!  I am not sure why that happened but I had the same experience with my 2nd round.  You can read the follow-up at Kombucha: Revisted.

Ewww. The tea color was great though!

4) Oh Slugs, How I Hate You 2010 was the Year of The Slug in Seattle. It was seriously heinous. If 2011 is the same I will throw myself on the ground and cry. A lot.  In an act grumpiness, I might even tear out my productive-food-growing-garden and plant grass that needs a lot of water and mowing.  Ha!  Anyway, if you haven’t read about the Great Slug Decimation of 2010, check it out.

seattle slug


3) Whimsical Beds. Make Them Now. People always ask about our raised beds and here is the journey to make them. I love, love, love them.  I smile every time I see them!

West Seattle Edible Garden Tour

Corn mosaic. I'm telling you fun! It also might be the only corn we get this year...

2) About Me Wow, the second most read page/post!    People want different things.  Me? I like information. I like to know about the people behind the blogs. If you want a lot of completely random tidbits go here!  Or don’t. Your call.

1) Homestead Act 2.0 The most read post of the year!  This post generated a lot of conversation both here and around the blogly world.   I don’t use the term homestead. My thoughts were applauded by some…and also angered and confused a lot of people.   This post was the start of a conversation about white privilege and reproduction of racism through the use of colonialist discourse.   If you haven’t, do check it out. The language we use is so important.

Thanks for joining me this year and I am looking forward to 2011!

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3 Responses to From Kombucha to Homesteading: Top 5 Posts of 2010

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your top-ten post, especially since it guided me to your great post on raised beds. Building a raised bed is on my garden to-do list for the coming year, and you have some inspirations. I also just might write a similar post on my top ten. Believe it or not, my all-time most viewed post (according to google stats), is a sort of insignificant one I wrote on bean weevils.
    Sorry to hear about your father and your back. Good luck with both those resolutions.

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