The Neurosis of Dogs, Part II

You might remember that our dog is whack-a-doodle?  I haven’t talked too much about her, but it seems time to update the list of Bizarre Things Eaten.   She hasn’t yet topped the Late Great Grass Ball Incident (and hopefully never will.)  However, she has added a few items to her repertoire. Check here for a refresher of the long first list of items she found edible.

  • Crayons. A lot of crayons= A lot of rainbow poop
  • Chicken poop, so much chicken poop.
  • Part of a CD. Or maybe 2.
  • A bib (made of an unknown waterproof material)
  • Wood chips
  • Multiple cloth napkins and a few entire napkins
  • Duplo/Lego block(s)

Sigh. I love that little dog.  She is bonkers. Adorable. Wiggly. And, it would seem, has pica.  What to do with the nutty lil’ girl?

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9 Responses to The Neurosis of Dogs, Part II

  1. Catalina says:

    Wow! She likes variety!
    My puppy is constantly on the search for the perfect black rock. She always has one in her mouth. It’s cute, but not so cute if she chokes.
    What can we do but love and laugh at them! 🙂

  2. taylorgirl6 says:

    Caleb once ate a whole box of Walker’s Shortbread cookies, box, wrapper, and contents. We call him butter boy. The first time we tried to let him be cage free, he ate a baseboard around an electrical socket. The second time he ate the entire fluffy contents of a dog bed. The third time he ate the corner off our coffee table, and he looked extremely thirsty. He lives in his cage a lot these days.

    Aengus has eaten my earbuds three times, and he has a hair scrunchie fetish. He eats so much of his own hair that he poops hairballs. Really. You’d think it would help with the drifts of dog hair in the house, but no. Chicken poop, fresh or dried, is a delicacy to him.

    But the best of all is Jodie. At 7 years of age and a slight 34 pounds when she’s feeling chubby, this little neurotic wonder has been known to pack away an entire loaf of freshly baked Irish brown bread, every ex dairy container from the recycling, numerous butter stick wrappers from the garbage (what is it with butter around here?), and… drum roll, please…. THREE PERFECTLY GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTS IN ONE SITTING. Yeah, I’m still bitter about that last one. And I cannot count the number of times I’ve had to pull chicken bones from inside her slimy mouth on walkies. What is it about people leaving chicken bones on the sidewalk anyway?

  3. Catalina- that is cute! Looking for the perfect rock! I do that too…though I don’t put them in my mouth =)

    Robin- Haha…your pets are as nuts as mine! What is it with some dogs? Our older lab that died last year was sweetly batty in her own way but it wasn’t the incessant eating of odd items! And, ugh, yes….the bones on walks. Seriously? Do people just carry around pork chop and/or chicken bones to toss on the sidewalk to torment me? I think it is possible.

  4. Diane says:

    crayons…everywhere…little pieces of crayon, crayon wrapper… and useless (to me) but priceless (to Ruby) small plastic objects… Huck (little dog) finds these to be absolute delights… mostly though, he chews on Murphy (big dog), Murphy’s bed, and Murphy’s collar… while the collar is on Murphy! Long live Z the chewy pup! I remember when you got her… 🙂

  5. Barbara says:

    Well I learned a new word from your post – pica. Having once had a dog myself I could sort of imagine yours eating most of those things – but CDs?? Ouch.

  6. dreyadin says:

    We had rotties (brother & sister named Cruella and Deville) that HAD to have a menagerie of stuffed animals. Endless grooming of their assorted stuffed animals often wore them out quickly. My sister.. trying to stay ahead of her demented dogs, collected as many as she could. She filled several garbage bags full so she had them on hand to dole out as needed.

    We were gone overnight, and a neighbor was to check in on them. The dogs found them. The first thing they do when they get a new “puppy” is bite off any plastic nubs.. the eyes.. the noses. Then they take their “puppies” outside through the dog door.

    When we got home.. it looked like Predator paid a visit to Sesame Street. Blind, noseless carnage… stuffed animals all over the yard.. and what was worse..

    Cleaning up the yard as the eyes and noses passed through their systems, and now the turds were staring back at you. Mixed emotions there.. to laugh or to gag.

    Currently we have a mutt.. who will eat anything he thinks is thrown his general direction. ANYTHING. Like the worm I pulled off my shovel and tried tossing to the ground. Whole chapsticks, a ball of paper, a pen cap, a barrette, and several carbon filters for my aquariums (although not sure how much he ate.. but he exploded 3 of them on the brand new beige carpet.)

    Thankfully.. everyone in the family has been retrained to never ever throw anything.. and no incidents, except the worm, in the last few years.

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