My Own Can Jam Round Up: Chili Peppers

I love hot peppers!   I was ecstatic that Kaela at Local Kitchen chose chili peppers as the key ingredient for October Canning.

oct can jam chili peppers/ grow and resist

Honeyed (Garlic) Jalapeno Rings

oct can jam chili peppers/ grow and resist

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

For my October Can Jam entry I did Honeyed (Garlic) Jalapeno Rings, Pepper Jelly, and Sassy Lemon, A Fiery Red Pickle.  So many great entries and lovely recipes to try. Plus, some all around enjoyable reading.  Check the canners out!

oct can jam chili peppers/ grow and resist

Sassy Lemon, A Fiery Red Pickle

My Own Round Up

Married…with Dinner made an Ancho Chili BBQ Sauce that sounds fantastic!   Her husband described it “like the stuff you’d get out of a bottle, but really really good.”   She says there is “a familiar tangy sweetness, intensified by the slow burn that comes from a triple dose of chile — fresh, dried, and ground.”  I say, yes please!

Knit & Nosh made Chili and Vegetable Tidbits, that was based on a Jardiniere but with ingredients that she wanted.  Yum. I love pickled things.

Mother’s Kitchen did a yummy sounding Corn Relish.  Make it sweet. Make it spicy. Your call!  But check out the cute corn valentine!

What Julia Ate did Marinated Peppers using sweet peppers and a Linda Ziedrich recipe.  They look gorgeous and I had no idea you could water bath can with that much oil. But if Linda says so, then it is true.

Put a Lid on It brought back Pa Sportsman’s Club Sweet-Hot Wax Peppers based on a childhood memory.  I want to eat them plain. I want to eat them on pizza.

Wine Book Girl put up some Pickled Carrots with Habanero.  Yum. I just went out for tacos and brought home some spicy pickled carrots…so these are fresh on my mind.   And, the different colored carrots make them even more beautiful.

Market Life SF made a Spicy Red Pepper and Red Onion Chutney.  Spicy and yummy. And the welsh rarebit you linked back to looks a bit like heaven!

Pepper & Red Onion Chutney picture from

Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking rocked it out with cranberry-jalapeno/habanero jelly coined Angela Lansbury Jelly.  Gorgeous color. I swear I’m get closer to trying a true jelly every day!

Laundry, Etc made the most gorgeous Black Chili Jam with grapes! It looks divine!

Black Chili Jam- picture by Gloria at

Just the Right Size makes a tried-and-true (for her) Habanero Gold Jelly. I love the use of dried fruit also!

The Kitchenette did a delicious Peach Habanero Jam.   She is planning on spreading it on top of cheese and I think I’d do the same. Yum.

peach habanero jam picture by

Hitchhiking to Heaven did Pimientos Rojas (Marinated Red Peppers).  The spice combination sound bright and earthy.  And there is oil (like in What Julia Ate’s entry above).  Shae had the great tip to call your states cooperative extension office for canning safety. Who knew?  I sure didn’t!

This rounds up my October Can Jam Round up!  See you in a few weeks with pears (apples and quince.)

For the full Tigress Round up check here!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the shout out G&R!

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