A Chicken, an Egg & a Nest Box

The chickens are now 23 weeks old and only one of the Annies (a Buff Orpington) has laid and egg so far. She’s been at it about 3 weeks. The other have given us nothing. Zilch.

But, look who, not only got her lay on this week, but found the nest box? Go Thirsty Boots!


thirsty boots; grow and resist; easter egger chicken

Thirsty Boots found the nest box! Could you please show Annie? Annie still prefers to lay her eggs under the ramp to the coop.



thirsty boots; grow and resist; easter egger chicken

Isn't it gorgeous?


And, the victory dance:

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8 Responses to A Chicken, an Egg & a Nest Box

  1. Jennifer says:

    If only we all could just cluck cluck cluck to cheer ourselves on! Go Thirsty Boots!

  2. Robin Taylor says:

    Don’t feel bad. Our neighbor, who inherited three chicks from our spring brood, is getting two or three eggs each day. How many have Winnie and Dark Meat laid? Zilch. As a matter of fact, large scale feather molting has resulted in one egg daily for us. Sometimes we get none. This is the first time in a year I’ve been out of eggs. It’s devastating.

  3. Alan says:

    We hatched out 6 chicks who still (1 1/2 years on) can’t find the coop even to sleep, let alone lay their eggs. Hunting eggs was fun at the start (6 years ago…) but now, I DON’T HAVE TIME!!!!

    • They certainly aren’t smart birds are they? Ours will go in/out of the coop/run all day BUT if all of them are in but one, the one on the outside will pace the outside of the run seemingly in a panic about not knowing how to get in with the others. Silly chickens.

  4. Barbara says:

    My daughter watched the video over my shoulder and now wants a chicken. Did you eat the blue egg?

    • We did! I wish the other 2 chickens were laying, but so far it is just 2 of the 4. So, we are still needing to purchase eggs from the store. We are going to get more chickens next spring. Seattle just approved new laws that allow for 8 chickens per household!
      My daughter keeps telling me she won’t eat the “green (or blue) egg.” =)

  5. Meetzorp says:

    Thirsty Boots looks JUST like a little hen I had when I was a kid. My little chicken was called Cheeky. She was very, very tame and kind of sassy.

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