My Own Can Jam Tomato Roundup

I must admit tomatoes aren’t on my radar (still).  You might remember how I didn’t can them this month?   Can someone bring me a tissue?  Because I am still weeping over the lost-tomato-hopes/dreams of 2010.   In my despair I forgot to do a round-up for the month!    But here we go!  My faves of August!

What Julia Ate Tomato Ketchup.  Oh the brilliance!  First, ice packs in your blanching water instead of endless ice cubes. Then, a slow cooker!  Plus it looks perfect and “ketchup-y.”  Julia is one clever canner!

Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking Orange Tang Ketchup. No! Not that Tang! But beautiful orange ketchup made with orange tomatoes. And an Eddie Izzard video clip to boot.  I  *heart* Eddie!   Side note: I worked at a somewhat exclusive camp for girls in Maine eons ago and the campers loved to make “Tang-wiches” which was basically white bread and powdered Tang. Yikes.  But I digress… this ketchup looks goooood!

Locally Preserved Spicy Ketchup.  Nice straightforward, immersion blender ketchup.  I love ketchup. I just might make all 3!  You know, if we ever get some tomatoes that is!

Leena Eats Tomato Basil Jam.  Um, yum. On a cracker with a bit of feta. Yes please!

Just the Right Size Chunky Basil Pasta Sauce.  Sounds like a great all around pasta sauce.

Oh Briggsy Pizza Sauce.  Briggs’ post are always hilarious and like Briggs…I could eat pizza every single day. Really.  Every single day.  And never ever get sick of it.  I hope they invite me over for pizza.

Check out the full round-up with the Tigress here! You won’t be disappointed.

I might get my tomato sadness cured.  Annette is organizing a bulk buy from eastern washington (aka “The Part of the State That Gets Sun“).  And if our season wasn’t weird enough even eastern WA doesn’t have enough of them yet.

Next up though: stone fruits!  September is stone fruits!  Bring me your juicy peaches, your luscious nectarines, your plums, apricots and cherries. YUM!  Stay tuned!

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9 Responses to My Own Can Jam Tomato Roundup

  1. cookie monster says:

    you are really quite witty. good post!

  2. Inder says:

    I’m finally getting some tomatoes – not amazing drop-dead-in-your-tracks tomatoes, mind you, but totally edible, even good tomatoes. Whew!! Thank goodness, I was freaking out for a minute there! But anyway, I don’t know that I will have enough to can this year, but can we say “Caprese Salad”? *SIGHS WITH JOY.*

  3. littlehousesouthernprairie says:

    I’m just about the start making tomato sauce to put up and sort of wish someone else would do it for me. Am I bad a person? Scale of 1-10. Last year it involved the dogs licking the splatter off my kitchen floor and my feet for hours….

    • Scale of 1-10? Oooh, scales are tough! Not bad, not bad at all. I haven’t canned tomatoes and it sounds incredibly labor intensive. I would be less fearful of it if someone else would promise to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen when I am done. =)

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