A Tour through the Internet to Find Myself

Blogging is a funny little world. You follow link to link to link….and end up unexpected places.  Tonight my hop went from Sustainable Eats (via facebook) to The Tangled Nest and ended up at Bit of Butter.   The first 2 are sites are places I go often (and you might want to also) and where I ended up was a nice surprise.  A fun site bringing “you recipes, housewares, and food from the 1930s-1970s.”   Fun, yes?

So I scrolled around a bit and then saw my garden (from the garden tour last month)!   Anyhow, they had nice things to say about our garden and that is always nice to hear.  We had a lot of great feedback that day but it was somehow nice to find something unexpected out there.

And find a new blog to boot!

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3 Responses to A Tour through the Internet to Find Myself

  1. Jennifer says:

    what a delicious little treasure! your work is terrific and we ALL love you and what you do.

  2. Yay! You and Tangled Nest were our favorites of the whole tour. (And I was the one who was in dissertation-land, by the way!) I’m so glad to find that you have a blog! 🙂

    • Oh great! And thanks! Nice to “tie” a conversation to your blog! Glad you enjoyed the tour/garden. I have only seen The Tangled Nest coop online…but we are going to build something like their enclosed aviary to ours soon. Fun!

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