For the Love of Salads: Sorrel Mint Pesto Salad

Today’s salad is a quickie…but make no mistake, it is a keeper!   During the summer I like to toss most anything green in the food processer and call it pesto.   It’s fresh, seasonal, packed with flavor and versatile.  So, when Lara over at food. soil. thread. posted a recipe for a fantastic sounding Sorrel-Mint Pesto a few days ago, I was intrigued.  I’ve done a mint pesto variation- but the sorrel is new (to me).  

I planted sorrel for the first time this year and, while I like the flavor, haven’t known what to do with this.  Until now.  Stuff rocks it in pesto!  

The beauty of making pesto (and salads for that matter) is that it isn’t exact. You almost can’t mess it up.   For example, Lara’s recipe called for garlic (as most pesto does) and I just spaced it out.  I went to the garden and thought “I’ll just go pick some mint and sorrel in a very loose 2:1 ratio. Oooh, lookie! Chives! Ok, I’ll get some chives too!”   By the time I was back in the house I had completely forgotten garlic even existed.  Well, at least in that moment.   

Here is the loose recipe. Play with it. Change up the proportions. Change the herbs. Add pinenuts. Add garlic.  Go wild with the pesto. It won’t disappoint.  

Sorrel Mint Pesto  

  • ~ 2 cups mint leaves 
  • ~ 1 cup sorrel leaves
  • ~ 1 cup chives
  • ~ ¼ cup olive oil
  • a bit of kosher salt 

Put the herbs in the food processor until they are good and chopped.  Pour in oil to your liking and salt/pepper to taste.   

Yup, that’s it.  Whip it up in about 3 minutes.  Three short minutes for this:  

mint sorrel pesto

Isn't that green amazing? I am in love with it. I want to lick it. And marry it. And definately paint my walls Sorrel Mint Pesto Green. Is there such a shade? There should be.


But I still needed something for a potluck.  As much as I would like to eat straight-up pesto with a spoon I realize that not everyone would.  Enter a can of chickpeas.  

(I know, I know…I’ve talked about making beans and how easy it is and blah blah blah.  But, it is still nice to have an ’emergency’ can of beans around.)  

Pesto-Chickpea Salad

  • Pesto- any kind really, but the Sorrel-Mint Pesto was awesome!
  • 1 can (drained/rinsed) or about 2 cups of cooked/cooled chickpeas
  • chopped red onion, to your liking
  • crumbled feta, to your liking.

Mix beans and onions and toss in pesto… you know, to your liking.  Sprinkle on some feta and a cute mint leave garnish and you are good to go.  

chickpea salad with mint sorrel pesto

I get hungry just looking at it again.


Potato Salad with Sorrel Mint Pesto

  • Pesto~ again the Sorrel Mint Pesto was particularly deliscous, but use what you have concocted!
  • Cooked/cooled potatoes. I used yukon gold because that is what I had.  Use however many you need to make the amount of salad you are after.
  • Some finally chopped celery for crunch. Again, however much you want.
  • I put in a few chopped hardboiled eggs because we had it, we like them & I wanted to add a bit of protein.

Again, YUM!  

Pesto is so versatile.  Last night I put it in a calzone with some feta, red onions & chicken.  Fantastic.  Tonight I’m going to use the last wee bit of it mixed in with shredded radish and toss in some peas from the garden.    

 Ah, salads!  You can’t go wrong and you just can’t mess them up!

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6 Responses to For the Love of Salads: Sorrel Mint Pesto Salad

  1. Lovely! So glad that you liked the recipe and I love what you did with it! I love eating feta cheese with pesto (of any kind), such a great combo.

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  4. `yummy!
    I love salads!

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