Chicken love

The chicks are 9 weeks old now!

buff orpington seattle chickens annie

one of the annies

golden polish chicken seattle 'lady guitar'

Lady Guitar

buff polish chicken seattle jesse


easter-egger or ameracauna chicken seattle 'thirsty boots'

Thirsty Boots is getting a wacky beard!

white crested black polish chicken rooster esmeralda

Oh Esmeralda...I know it was you 'honking' out there. You really are a rooster. Boo.

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6 Responses to Chicken love

  1. Beth says:

    Can you pet them? Are they nice? They seem quite fierce…

    • Yep- the 2 buff orpingtons (the annies) are the most laid back. They don’t squawk when you pick them up etc. The others are friendly and curious–but more difficult to “catch.” I have handled them a lot to get them used to being picked up etc!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Esmeralda looks angry….didn’t she get her morning coffee and slugs?

  3. ohbriggsy says:

    i love close ups of the chix! they have the best hair. not to mention the best names!

  4. Whoa. Your chickens really have personality. It kind of looks like a photo line up of the neighborhood riff raff.

  5. jennifer- yep, the sun was out for 1.3 days and there has been a “slug-slowdown” =)

    briggs-sigh, lady guitar is totally a rooster and s/he is my fave.

    lara- thanks for stopping in! it does look like a mugshot lineup! alas….3 of them are roosters (that I know of). argh! btw, love the name of your blog!

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