Growing Pains and bit of Gradudzicus

So, if you don’t have chickens I need to tell you they grow freakishly fast.  They must have growing pains.  I think they might give our bamboo a run for the money in the Speed Growth Department.

The chicks are now living outside in their fancy-schmancy coop and I’ll be posting a true coming out party for them as soon as the aviary-enclosure is complete.

A quick look back:

polish chickens

Jesse & Lady Guitar at 4 days old

Could they have been cuter? Fluffier?

polish chickens

Jesse & Lady Guitar- 7 weeks

And now!  They are huge!

polish chickens

Lady Guitar at 7 weeks

That hair!  Could it be more awesome?  I think not!  That is slug “gradudzicus” in her hair from a wild slug party.   Don’t look up gradudzicus.  It is not really a word..but it SHOULD be!  Gradudzicus is an official (almost Dr.) Ladyfriend term circa 1970-something. While likely underappreciated in her smarty academic circles, is a very handy word to have at your disposal.  It is used to describe any form of gunk, crap, unknown, slime, etc.

polish chickens

Esmeralda, Lady Guitar, Calypso & 1 of the Annies at 4 days. (Thirsty Boots is hiding in the back)

Cheep! Cheep!  Cheep!

polish chickens

Esmeralda and Calypso at 7 weeks (and Thirsty Boots' beak hiding in the back again)


Calypso and both of the Annies at 7 weeks

We’re waiting for the rooster verdict, but it seems Esmeralda is seeming more like a rooster daily.  Bigger red wattles. Reddening face.  Last night s/he was standing while all the other chicks cuddled outside.  Sigh.

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4 Responses to Growing Pains and bit of Gradudzicus

  1. Tracey says:

    Super awesome chicken hair. They do indeed grow freakishly fast. Kudos to you for rearing such fabulous chickadees. Fun to read your journey!

  2. TinTin says:

    Wait a sec, J-rock invented the word gradudzicus??? And is that the official spelling?? I grew up saying that too, but I just assumed it was another Bob/Jim word. I prefer the shortened “gradu”- much easier to spell! 🙂

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