Growing, growing, growing 2010

While the garden was getting soaked by sudden heavy rain, I finally got around to compiling a list of  what the Ladyfriend and I have growing this year.  Some are established perennials, a few of the herbs are newly planted purchased starts, and the majority of the vegetables are from seed.  Fingers crossed for a great growing season!


Mint: Mint Julep, Grapefruit Mint + 2 other varieties
Sorrel– True French (or Bucklers)
Tarragon– French
Savory– Summer & Winter
Oregano– Greek & Italian
Sage– Honey Melon
Thyme– variety unknown
Rosemary– variety unknown
Chives– variety unknown
Basil– Aroma & Genovese
Cilantro -Santo
Parsley– Italian Dark Green Flat
Dill– Bouquet

Hops ( Willamette, Tettnanger & Golden)


Fall Golden Raspberry
Heritage Raspberry
Duke Blueberry
Chippewa Blueberry
(hood, quinault, tristar and wild/native variety)
Latarulla (Italian Honey)Fig
Hollywood Plum
Himrod White grade
Canadice Red grape
Scarlet Sentinal Columnar Apple
Honeycrisp Apple
Frost Peach
Bartlett & Anjou Pears
4-way Asian Pear (Kikisui, Hosui, Shinko, & 20th Century)
5-way Cherry (Sweetheart, Rainier, Bing, Lapine, & Angela)
5-way dwarf Apple (Lodi, Gala, Jonagold, Summerred, & Akane)
Puget Gold Apricot


Potatoes (4 kinds- Yukon gold and I can’t remember the other varieties but 1 is blue and 1 is red)
Asparagus– Jersey Knight & Sweet Purple
Onions– walla walla sweets and red wethersfield
Garlic– German Porcelain, Chesnok Red, Romanian Red, Silver Rose, Inchelium Red
Corn– Hooker’s Sweet
Cucumber– Northern Pickling, Marketmore 97 & Wautoma
Carrot– Red Samurai, Bolero, Cosmic Purple,Kurota Chantenay, Oxheart and Tonda di Parigi
Beets– Golden, Chioggia, Early Wonder Tall Top
Kale– Red Russian, Nero di Toscana and Lacinto
Broccoli– Early Green, DiCicco, Blend (Everest, Southern Comet, Packman & Belstar)
Spinach– Tyee, America and Ruby Orach Mountain
Lettuce– Speckles, Merlot,Valmaine, 2 blends (Redder Ruffled Oaks, Devils Tongue, & some unknown others)
Tomatoes– Brandywine, Purple Calabash, Stupice, Yellow Pear, Sweet Million, Frazier’s Gem, Japanese Trifele Black, Siletz, Bambino, Ananas Noire, Manitoba, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter, San Marzano, Principe Borghese
Beans– Rattlesnake Snap Pole, Black-seeded Blue Lake Snap Pole, Horto semi-bush, Dragon Tongue bush, Pencil Pod bush, Jacob’s Cattle bush shell, Jade bush, Royal Burgundy bush, White Dixie Butter bush baby lima,
Peas– Sugar Sprint snap, Oregon Trail shelling
Summer squash– “Abundant Harvest Mix’ of Caserta, Cocozelle, Black Beauty, Golden Straightneck, Round, Tatume and Crookneck
Winter squash– Delicata bush and Delicata Honey Boat
Melon– Moon & Stars watermelon
Radishes– Ruby, Plum Purple, Snow Belle and Amethyst
Cabbage– Derby Day
Cauliflower– All-the-Year-Round and Amazing
Eggplant– Little Fingers
Peppers– Long Thin Cayenne, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Jalapeno, Italian Pepperoncini
Leeks– Falltime and Giant Musselburgh
Scallions– Red Beard, Green Feast and Red Robin
Chard– Bright Lights and Magenta Sunset
Brussel Sprouts– Rubine and Long Island
Kohlrabi– Kongo
Rutabaga– Marian
Shallots– unknown variety
Quinoa– Brightest Brilliant

decoupage seed storage box

Check out the inside of the lid! All those fabulous veggies! All those recycled seed catalogs!

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8 Responses to Growing, growing, growing 2010

  1. taylorgirl6 says:

    Holy cats. That is quite the list. You know, this makes my seed catalogue fetish seems pretty mundane. Every time we construct a new raised bed, I think, “This is it! Now I can grow !” In reality, the space gets eaten up so quickly, I never get to grow everything I want. How do you fit it all in?

  2. Well, I don’t grow a lot of any one thing….still trying to find my “favorites”. We are going to be on the west seattle edible garden tour in july….you should come by!

  3. Inder says:

    Wow! That list is AWESOME! And nutso! You’ve got a lot going on in that little garden!

    I always plant seven or eight different kinds of tomatoes, but by September, when we are getting lots of tomatoes, I have totally forgotten which is which, and the little tabs are long-since lost. So then I can never remember which varieties do best and taste best in my garden, and the next year, I end up with seven or eight different totally random varieties.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    That filing system of yours looks awesome. Care to do a post on how to organize your garden information sometime? Because I could obviously use some help.

    • later, rinse, repeat….totally!
      My markers all get moved around, thanks to the Babylady. Except the tomatoes. Those I attach the labels to the tomato cages.
      I did a post a bit back on a modpodge seed box~I need to reorganize it though. I am working on some kind of a note taking/record keeping system that I’ll share as soon as I actually do it =)

  4. Look at choo go! Nice. What a yummy summer and fall your lady bug will have!!

  5. Catalina says:

    Nice seed box! I’m totally stealing your idea, but it might have to wait until this winter. I have too much to plant right now!

  6. littlehousesouthernprairie says:

    Just came across you blog and … dang woman, this list is amazing! Love it!

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